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Hells Headbangers Records

FounderChase Horval, Eric Horval, Justin Horval
GenreBlack Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
CountryUnited States
LocationValley City, Ohio
Also known asHHR
Hells Headbangers Records
98 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Thy Kingdom CumLyricsBlack Metal, Death MetalUnited States22404
Skullfucking ArmageddonLyricsDeath Metal, Black Metal, Thrash MetalSingapore31451
Satanik EonBlack MetalPhilippines21251
Luck of the CorpseLyricsDeath Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States39325
HexLyricsDeath Metal, Thrash Metal, Black MetalUnited States140170
Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial UsurpationLyricsWar Metal, Black MetalUnited States7143
Dethrone the Son of GodLyricsBlack Metal, Ritual Ambient, NoiseUnited States10130
The First NecromancyLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalColombia1570
Morbid RitesDeath Metal, Black MetalChile770
Ride with DeathLyricsThrash MetalUnited States570
Complete and Total Fucking MidnightLyricsBlack Metal, Speed MetalUnited States2570
The Tempter's VictoriousBlack Metal, Death MetalUnited States551
Sulfurous PrayersLyricsBlack MetalUnited States360
Gospel of the InsaneLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalSweden2470
Death Scroll of Seven Hells and It's Infernal MajestiesLyricsBlack MetalUnited States450
Devastated Graves - The Morbid CelebrationLyricsBlack Metal, Death MetalUnited States640
Temple of the ImpureLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalChile1150
Witch HouseLyricsPsychedelic Doom Metal, Death MetalUnited States1350
Crucified MortalsLyricsThrash MetalUnited States1450
The Future State of WickedLyricsThrash MetalUnited States740
Death Is Proof of Satan's PowerHeavy Metal, Black MetalUnited States430
Ceremony of Morbid DestructionBlack Metal, Death MetalCanada631
Rise of the DesecratedLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalGermany541
Blackest Hymns of God's DisgraceDeath MetalUnited States340
Pandemonium PrayersDeath MetalDenmark430
Loudun la MauditeLyricsBlack MetalFrance241
Old Death's LairLyricsDeath Metal, Black MetalPoland3130
Unholier MasterBlack Metal, Death MetalInternational620
NetherfiendLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Death MetalUnited States3940
Upheaval of Blasphemy / Dissociated ModernityBlack Metal, Death Metal, Thrash MetalSingapore920
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Reviews : 9,582
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