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SempiternalLyricsMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, Deathcore, Alternative Metal, Alternative RockUnited Kingdom3814817
This Is a Mess, But It`s UsLyricsMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, TrancecoreKorea8435
Holy HellLyricsMetalcore, Alternative Metal, Post-HardcoreUnited Kingdom23390
SleepwalkingLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States14234
UngratefulLyricsPost-Hardcore, Melodic MetalcoreUnited States12197
The Resistance: Rise of the RunawaysLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States8160
The FloodLyricsMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, Alternative MetalUnited States13211
Insomniac DozeLyricsPost-Hardcore, Screamo, Post-RockJapan15111
To Plant a SeedLyricsTrancecore, Post-HardcoreUnited States25207
Define the Great LineLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States2281
IridescentLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States972
Day OffLyricsPost-Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Screamo, Experimental RockKorea470
The End of the World PartyLyricsTrancecore, Post-HardcoreUnited States13125
VenaLyricsMetalcore, Post-Emocore, Post-HardcoreJapan1180
Collisions and CastawaysLyricsMetalcore, Nu Metal, Post-HardcoreUnited States750
MothershipLyricsPost-HardcoreUnited States651
Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour...LyricsTrancecore, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, ElectronicUnited Kingdom17113
The Wreck of S.S. NeedleLyricsAtmospheric Sludge Metal, Post-Rock, Post-HardcoreUnited States450
The Windows WalkLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States241
The Opposite of DecemberLyricsMetalcore, Melodic Metalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States640
WalkAlternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore, Electronicore, Electronic Rock, Nu MetalJapan930
Live LifeLyricsElectronic Metalcore, Post-HardcoreAustralia442
The Satellite YearsLyricsPost-Hardcore, MetalcoreUnited States633
YoungbloodsLyricsPost-Hardcore, MetalcoreAustralia2050
SkydancerLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreAustralia1350
The Love You Let Too CloseLyricsPost-HardcoreUnited States430
AletheaLyricsMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, ScreamoJapan540
Children of FireLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States650
人生×僕= (Jinsei×Boku=)LyricsAlternative Metal, Post-Hardcore, Nu MetalJapan830
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