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Suicidal AllegianceNoisecore, War MetalUnited States560
Revision of NoiseGrindcore, Noisecore, Avant-gard MetalJapan13142
パンクの鬼 (Tokyo Anal Dynamite)Experimental Metal, Harsh Noise, Noisecore, Power Electronics, Grindcore, Drone, Electronic, AmbientJapan1920
North of HellLyricsGoregrind, Death Metal, NoisecoreJapan2020
Vaginal RhinoplastyGoregrind, NoisecoreUnited Kingdom110
MY FAMILY FUCKSNoisecore, Noisegrind, Grindcore, Noise, Harsh NoiseKorea311
Burn the BeachNoise, Noisecore, NoisegrindUnited States110
ERADICATE ALL SCUMGrindcore, Noisecore, NoisegrindUnited States410
Human IgnoranceGrindcore, Powerviolence, Hardcore Punk, NoisecoreUnited States210
II: the Mechanism of NightGrindcore, Cybergrind, Noisecore, ExperimentalUnited States200
Open the Mind to DiscomfortPost-Hardcore, Metalcore, Noisecore, Sludge MetalUnited States800
Overcompensations for MiseryGrindcore, Noisecore, Sludge Metal, Powerviolence, Crust Punk, Harcore PunkUnited States200
30 godina melodija, parodija i sprdačinaGrindcore, NoisecoreCroatia1900
Soap ScumCybergrind, Black Metal, NoisecoreUnited Kingdom100
Tongue Eating LouseSludge Metal, Doom Metal, NoisecoreCanada100
Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid / Unhindered By TalentGrindcore, Noisecore, Crust PunkUnited Kingdom700
no imageGrindcore, NoisecoreCanada110
A Mambo For MurderNoisecore, Grindcore, Doom Metal, Noise, Experimental Metal, Synth Pop, ElectronicUnited States3000
Menso Noise / Sedem Minút StrachuNoisecore, NoisegrindEcuador200
Divide & ConquerGorenoise, Goregrind, Noisecore, NoisegrindItaly100
-4 WAY-NoisecoreEcuador100
CyberNoisecore, Grindcore, NoiseSpain200
Demo '97Noisecore, Grindcore, NoiseItaly300
Laparascopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy Fucks YouHarsh Noise, Noise, Noisecore, Goregrind, Grindcore, Noisegrind, Experimental MetalKorea310
Family ConcertLolicore, Noise, Cybergrind, Grindcore, NoisecoreJapan200
Greed MachineLyricsGorenoise, Noisecore, Grindcore, Death Metal, CybergrindUnited States200
no imageGrindcore, Noisecore, NoiseUnited States200
Wage SlaveryExperimental Grindcore, Noisecore, Black MetalUnited States300
no imageNoisecore, Noisegrind, GrindcoreJapan1100
General FuckingNoisecore, NoisegrindSlovakia300
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