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ScumLyricsGrindcore, Death Metal, Hardcore PunkUnited Kingdom761854
SempiternalLyricsMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, Deathcore, Alternative Metal, Alternative RockUnited Kingdom3714218
Jane DoeLyricsMathcore, Metalcore, Hardcore PunkUnited States26793
Deliver UsLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore PunkUnited States21687
The Portrait of Your FuneralLyricsMetalcore, Hardcore PunkKorea11540
Way of Men - 남도 (男道)LyricsHardcore, Heavy Metal, MetalcoreKorea7441
This Is a Mess, But It`s UsLyricsMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, Trancecore, DjentKorea6476
Through Silver in BloodLyricsAtmospheric Sludge Metal, Sludge Metal, Hardcore PunkUnited States23391
HorizonsLyricsMetalcore, Melodic HardcoreAustralia11340
Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesLyricsGrindcore, Deathgrind, Hardcore PunkUnited States30392
Satisfaction Is the Death of DesireLyricsMetalcore, Hardcore PunkUnited States19322
The SignLyricsMetalcore, Melodic HardcoreJapan14284
Holy HellLyricsMetalcore, Alternative Metal, Post-HardcoreUnited Kingdom23350
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say NothingLyricsHardcore Punk, Heavy Metal, Thrash MetalUnited Kingdom13269
Extreme Noise TerrorLyricsCrustgrind, Hardcore Punk, Death Metal, GrindcoreUnited Kingdom28211
Lights Camera RevolutionLyricsCrossover Thrash, Hardcore PunkUnited States13200
SleepwalkingLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States10215
Speak English or DieLyricsCrossover Thrash, Hardcore PunkUnited States15200
UngratefulLyricsPost-Hardcore, Melodic MetalcoreUnited States12197
Don't Be SwindleHardcore Punk, Grindcore, Thrashcore, Experimental HardcoreJapan17172
Bu-ikikaesuMetalcore, Thrash Metal, Hardcore Punk, Punk RockJapan19190
Insomniac DozeLyricsPost-Hardcore, Screamo, Post-RockJapan15111
Best WishesLyricsCrossover Thrash, New York HardcoreUnited States12170
The FloodLyricsMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, Alternative MetalUnited States12201
Thrash ZoneLyricsCrossover Thrash, Hardcore PunkUnited States15161
To Plant a SeedLyricsTrancecore, Post-HardcoreUnited States23207
Beat the BastardsHardcore Punk, Crossover ThrashUnited Kingdom48130
MeirLyricsBlack 'n' Roll, Hardcore Punk, Hard RockNorway7140
Homem inimigo do homemLyricsCrossover Thrash, Hardcore PunkBrazil27140
The Resistance: Rise of the RunawaysLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States7140
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