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Passion and WarfareLyricsHard Rock, Progressive Rock, Experimental RockUnited States15679
The Moon Lit Our PathLyricsExperimental Black MetalUnited States2352
RitualLyricsBlack Metal, ExperimentalCzech Republic20285
Tears Laid in EarthLyricsMelodic Doom Metal, Experimental, Pop, IndustrialNorway6211
Don't Be SwindleHardcore Punk, Grindcore, Thrashcore, Experimental HardcoreJapan17172
Sailing the Seas of CheeseExperimental Rock, Funk Metal, Alternative Rock, Alternative MetalUnited States20214
Lost IslesLyricsExperimental Metalcore, Progressive MetalcoreUnited Kingdom7101
ColmaHeavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Funk Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Experimental Rock, InstrumentalUnited States17120
It's All HappeningLyricsExperimental Grindcore, Metalcore, Experimental DeathcoreUnited States8150
Spirituality and DistortionLyricsBreakcore, Avant-garde Metal, ExperimentalFrance781
Księżyc milczy lutyLyricsBlack Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Experimental RockPoland13129
Day OffLyricsPost-Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Screamo, Experimental RockKorea470
Love Poems for Dying Children - Act II : Garden of Crystalline DreamsLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Experimental MetalUnited States783
NaätLyricsExperimental Death Metal, GrindcoreFrance470
Carriers of DustLyricsExperimental Metal, Atmospheric Death Metal, Black MetalSwitzerland570
Presents Christmas Special - Jingle Balls and Few Other Piggy CoversLyricsGoregrind, ExperimentalPoland8108
BlackjazzLyricsAvant-garde Metal, Progressive Metal, Experimental RockNorway9100
THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER 026 星輝子Experimental MetalJapan1141
The Game of LifeExperimental Metal, DeathcoreUnited States580
The TunnelsExperimental Black Metal, AmbientSweden563
KismetProgressive Experimental, Instrumental, Djent, JazzAustralia440
Brute ForceLyricsExperimental Metal, DjentFrance760
Worlds Beyond the VeilLyricsExperimental Brutal Death MetalUnited Kingdom851
Storm CorrosionLyricsProgressive Metal, Experimental RockInternational130
All the Dread Magnificence of PerversityBlack Ambient, Black Metal, Experimental MetalNetherlands3150
EntitiesExperimental Progressive MetalCanada230
The Agent That Shapes the DesertLyricsAvant-garde Metal, Experimental RockNorway730
Commence Launch Sequence / Defeat of BeingLyricsExperimental, Ambient Doom MetalCanada300
The PessimistExperimental DeathcoreUnited States330
no imageAvant-garde Metal, Alternative Metal, Experimental Ambient, NoiseUnited States130
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