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Experimental Rock

23 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Passion and WarfareLyricsHard Rock, Progressive Rock, Experimental RockUnited States15689
Sailing the Seas of CheeseExperimental Rock, Funk Metal, Alternative Rock, Alternative MetalUnited States20214
ColmaHeavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Funk Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Experimental Rock, InstrumentalUnited States17120
Księżyc milczy lutyLyricsBlack Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Experimental RockPoland13129
Day OffLyricsPost-Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Screamo, Experimental RockKorea470
BlackjazzLyricsAvant-garde Metal, Progressive Metal, Experimental RockNorway9100
Storm CorrosionLyricsProgressive Metal, Experimental RockInternational130
The Agent That Shapes the DesertLyricsAvant-garde Metal, Experimental RockNorway730
Asleep Next to ScienceProgressive Metal, Experimental Rock, Post-HardcoreUnited States231
Sol Niger WithinDjent, Progressive Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Experimental Rock, Jazz FusionSweden120
Bride of Insect / Carrion for WormLyricsDeathgrind, Grindcore, Death Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental RockUnited States1330
Torches AblazeHeavy Metal, Death Metal, Experimental RockFinland200
Little Brother Is WatchingHard Rock, Experimental Rock, Progressive RockUnited States1000
no imageDjent, Progressive Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Experimental RockSweden000
no imageMathcore, Hardcore Punk, Metalcore, Indie Rock, Experimental RockUnited States000
Hanging Out at the Pound: DBX Live in San FranciscoThrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Experimental RockUnited States400
no imageExperimental Rock, Groove MetalFinland000
IncarnationExperimental Rock, Death MetalFinland100
DescensionIndustrial Rock, Industrial Metal, Noise Rock, Funk Rock, Jazz-Rock, Experimental RockUnited Kingdom111
no imageAlternative Metal, Nu Metal, Post-metal, Experimental RockUnited States000
꽃단장Grindcore, Hardcore Punk, Experimental RockKorea100
Haven't Been MyselfPost-Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Experimental RockUnited States200
YarakPost-Metal, Experimental RockMongolia100
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Reviews : 9,465
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Lyrics : 191,760