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Bergtatt: Et eeventyr i 5 capitlerLyricsBlack Metal, Ambient, ElectronicNorway301116
Solar SoulLyricsBlack Metal, Industrial Metal, ElectronicSwitzerland26463
no imageDeath Metal, Black Metal, Noise, Power ElectronicsSweden12186
3rd PhaseNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, ElectronicKorea18130
It Makes Really HappyAmbient, Black Metal, ElectronicGermany8130
Someday Came SuddenlyLyricsMetalcore, Electronicore, TrancecoreUnited States6133
Nothing Remains the SameLyricsIndustrial Heavy Metal, Electronic, TechnoSweden24122
Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour...LyricsTrancecore, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, ElectronicUnited Kingdom17113
GeevingLyricsMetalcore, ElectronicoreCanada661
Genesi[s]LyricsElectronic MetalcoreUnited States865
Drop = DeadElectronic MetalcoreSweden450
ExotypeLyricsElectronic DeathcoreUnited States350
DeliveranceLyricsElectronic Metal, Black MetalMonaco540
The Bree-TeenzElectronic MetalcoreFinland440
Live LifeLyricsElectronic Metalcore, Post-HardcoreAustralia442
RETURNERSMetalcore, ElectronicJapan1042
Plantetarisk SudokuElectronic GrindcoreNorway340
You Can't Spell Slaughter Without LaughterElectronic MetalcoreUnited States230
L’Hymne à la JoieLyricsElectronic Metal, Symphonic Black MetalFrance430
The IslandElectronic, Metalcore, DjentRussia330
ChimeraLyricsPost-hardcore, Metalcore, ElectronicJapan3233
Schweigen der JudenElectronicGermany330
Black LabyrinthLyricsNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal, Alternative Rock, ElectronicaUnited States330
K24​-​79GDeathcore, Melodic Death Metal, Experimental Metal, Grindcore, ElectronicKorea731
Grave New WorldElectronic Metal, Industrial Metal, Blackened MetalItaly420
I Choose to AwakenProgressive Metal, Djent, ElectronicUnited Kingdom222
ShiversPost-hardcore, ElectronicSan Marino420
Sentimental ResistancePost-Hardcore, Trancecore, Metalcore, ElectronicKorea321
BeastlandLyricsIndustrial Metal, Drone Metal, Doom Metal, ElectronicUnited States1020
Death MountainElectronic Black MetalUnited States220
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