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Blackened Doom Metal

24 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
The Last GriefBlackened Doom MetalSweden851
Siècle de CendresBlackened Doom Metal, Gothic MetalFrance100
ThrèneLyricsBlackened Doom MetalCanada100
Vespertina Synaxis - A Prayer for Union & EmptinessLyricsDeath Doom Metal, Blackened Doom MetalCanada500
SacrificeBlackened Doom MetalUnited States400
Dead as TruthLyricsBlackened Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, DeathrockUnited States500
Of Water & WoodBlackened Doom Metal, Sludge MetalCanada400
The SurfacingBlackened Doom MetalHong Kong100
Season of MourningBlackened Doom MetalLatvia100
Her Dead Body in My Arms, Her Cold Lips I'm Kissin'Blackened Doom MetalAzerbaijan100
BeelzebudBlackened Doom Metal, Drone MetalSingapore100
The God of DeathBlackened Doom MetalBolivia200
U K'aayo'ob K'ujo'obBlackened Doom MetalBelize300
Tu sangreBlackened Doom MetalEcuador300
We BeginBlackened Doom MetalPakistan100
A Unconditional WarBlackened Doom MetalInternational300
Den Eneste MatenBlackened Doom MetalUnited States200
DisrhythmiaBlackened Doom MetalChina100
TranshunterBlackened Doom Metal, DroneMacedonia100
ApopheniaBlackened Doom MetalUnited States500
Endless Spiritual DecayLyricsBlackened Doom MetalSouth Africa100
The Great Tired OnesBlackened Doom MetalPoland100
Rotten Human KingdomLyricsBlackened Doom Metal, Sludge MetalFrance100
A Treatise on Resurrection and the AfterlifeBlackened Doom Metal, Sludge MetalUnited States100
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Reviews : 9,464
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Lyrics : 191,745