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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
no imageDeath Metal, Thrash MetalSyria433
Sphere of TerrorDeath MetalSyria310
Forgotten Dusk of a Mysterious ForestBlack MetalSyria500
Infectious DelusionsBlack MetalSyria500
Dark Bloody TormentBlack MetalSyria500
Diabolical OnsetBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Death MetalSyria200
Lovecraft's DreamsFuneral Doom MetalSyria200
no imageDoom Metal, Black MetalSyria100
The Intellectual DarknessDeath MetalSyria600
GeneProgressive Metal, Progressive RockSyria100
SerendipityHard RockSyria100
no imageBlack MetalSyria100
Resurrection of the Horrid DreamHeavy MetalSyria200
Garden of DoubtsProgressive MetalSyria100
The Wall of LightDoom Metal, Death MetalSyria100
MantraLyricsAtmospheric Black MetalSyria100
Infernal DelusionsDeathcore, Death MetalSyria100
Of Freedom and a MoorMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal, MetalcoreSyria100
A Better Life Next Time...Melodic Progressive MetalSyria100
The Burning ShipDeath Metal, Doom MetalSyria100
Scratches from LifeMelodic Death Metal, Doom MetalSyria100
DepersonalizationBlack Metal, AmbientSyria200
The Dislocated and the Sisyphean ProjectBlack MetalSyria200
Let Us All UniteThrash MetalSyria100
EarthBlack MetalSyria100
The RevelationsTechnical Death Metal, Progressive RockSyria100
Dark AgoniesDeath Metal, Doom MetalSyria100
Elysian HypnosisGothic MetalSyria300
Human NatureDeath Metal, Black MetalSyria100
no imageExperimental Progressive MetalSyria000
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