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 (Plurinational State of Bolivia)
LanguageSpanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani
Area1,098,581 k㎡ (28th)
Population11,410,651 (83rd)
GDP$33,210 million (94th)
86 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Temple of DamnationLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalBolivia1040
Salve InfiernoDeath Metal, Black MetalBolivia910
Insertando la sustanciaThrash MetalBolivia310
Billy Castillo Group - En Vivo - Septiembre 2010Melodic Power MetalBolivia100
AnimaMelodic Death Metal, Gothic MetalBolivia100
PremonicionHeavy MetalBolivia200
Ya Basta!Heavy MetalBolivia100
Wishing Your DeathBlackened Death MetalBolivia200
Act: IMelodic Gothic MetalBolivia100
Sentimientos MuertosBlack MetalBolivia100
Birth from the ObscureAtmospheric Death Metal, Doom MetalBolivia500
no imageThrash Metal, Heavy MetalBolivia000
At the Mercy of SatanBlack MetalBolivia100
....Dark Gaia...Black MetalBolivia500
RedenciónDeath MetalBolivia200
InvisiblesNu MetalBolivia400
no imageBlack MetalBolivia200
Infectados por el HumanismoGrindcoreBolivia200
Krusifiken a Los FalsosDeathgrindBolivia100
Lejos de Ser AngelFolk MetalBolivia100
El Reino del MalSpeed MetalBolivia200
ArumaBlack MetalBolivia200
no imageDeathgrindBolivia100
Culto NocturnoPagan Black MetalBolivia100
LlawarFusion MetalBolivia200
Siempre LibresFolk MetalBolivia200
HeliopolisDark AmbientBolivia200
Tratado De Alquimia Y Destrucción - Tomo IIBlack MetalBolivia200
ApostasíaBlack MetalBolivia100
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Artists : 38,778
Reviews : 9,048
Albums : 139,435
Lyrics : 185,402