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 (Republic of Austria)
Area83,879 k㎡ (115th)
Population8,662,588 (94th)
GDP$374,124 million (30th)
302 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Destination ParadiseLyricsMelodic Heavy MetalAustria310
Zwischen Tod und LebenBlack MetalAustria211
Project DestinyPower MetalAustria110
Imperium DamnatumBlack MetalAustria610
METAT[R]ONGothic MetalAustria520
Painful Stories Told With a Passion for LifeLyricsSludge Metal, Doom MetalAustria410
The Last Days of the SunBlack Metal, AmbientAustria910
The Crimson SacramentBlack MetalAustria411
The Fallen ProphetMelodic Death MetalAustria310
Within the Great and the VenomBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreAustria310
The FellowshipDark AmbientAustria1410
Erased From ExistenceThrash MetalAustria210
The Final SinLyricsBlack MetalAustria510
So Let's Nuke'm FirstGoregrind, Groovy GoregrindAustria110
no imageGoregrindAustria600
Tales of DoomPower MetalAustria310
Of Frozen Hearts and Bloody WhoresSymphonic Metal, Melodic Death MetalAustria210
Buried SilenceLyricsDarkwave, Electronic, Industrial MetalAustria410
no imageBlack MetalAustria710
CollapseMelodic Death Metal, Thrash MetalAustria110
Lovely PresentationBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreAustria110
Heiliger KriegBlack MetalAustria110
Death Alone From Life Can SaveGothic MetalAustria200
Dystopia Et DisturbiaIndustrial Death Metal, Black MetalAustria500
Der Quell des LebensDeath Metal, Gothic MetalAustria300
The Crowneds ReunionLyricsFolk Metal, Black MetalAustria400
Rise and FallLyricsDark Neoclassical MetalAustria400
The Forbidden Fruit of PurityBlack MetalAustria900
EdelrostIndustrial Metal, Doom Metal, Black MetalAustria200
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 42,140
Reviews : 9,954
Albums : 151,681
Lyrics : 198,398