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Formed1991, Bergen, Hordaland
CurrentlySalon-la-Tour, Limousin, France
GenresBlack Metal, Ambient
LabelsMisanthropy, Byelobog Productions
Years active1991-2000, 2009-present

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Burzum Discography

Album title Lyrics Type Release date Rating Votes Reviews
preview Demo 55 10
preview Demo - 00
Burzum - Burzum preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 83.3 402
preview LyricsCollectionWish List EP 79.3 120
Burzum - Det som engang var preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 87.2 312
Burzum - Hvis lyset tar oss preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 89.7 470
preview CollectionWish List Compilation 86.4 71
preview CollectionWish List Video - 00
Burzum - Filosofem preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 85.3 703
Burzum - Dauði Baldrs preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 79.1 250
preview CollectionWish List Boxed set - 00
Burzum - Hliðskjálf preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 81.1 190
preview CollectionWish List Compilation 79 20
preview CollectionWish List Compilation 65 10
Burzum - Belus preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 76.7 311
Burzum - Fallen preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 70.6 212
Burzum - From the Depths of Darkness preview CollectionWish List Studio 66.7 61
Burzum - Umskiptar preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 66.5 120
Burzum - Sôl austan, Mâni vestan preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 66 120
Burzum - The Ways of Yore preview LyricsCollectionWish List Studio 59.4 100
preview Single - 00
preview Single - 00
preview Single - 00

Burzum Photos

Burzum Live
Burzum Live
Varg Vikernes : Recent
Varg Vikernes : Recent
Varg "Count Grishnackh" Vikernes
Varg "Count Grishnackh" Vikernes
Additional notes
In 1991, when Satanel disbanded, Vikernes revived his solo project, changing the name to Burzum (which translates to "darkness" in J.R.R. Tolkien's Black Speech, which is spoken by orcs and other creatures of Mordor). Handling all instruments and vocals by himself, he recorded Burzum's first four full-length albums in a span of just over one year. In addition to all that, he joined Mayhem on bass, as well.

In the wake of the notoriety surrounding the church burnings, and finally the murder of Mayhem's leader Euronymous in 1993, Vikernes faced a trial and was sentenced to 21 years in prison (and 10 years additional confinement, a system that has since been changed). Not allowed to have a guitar in his cell, and proclaiming all rock and metal-based music to be culturally alien and non-Aryan in origin, he chose to continue Burzum in a keyboard-based, neoclassical ambient vein for the two albums that followed.

Varg chose to end Burzum in late 2000, disappointed that fans were still connecting Burzum with Satanism, despite his allegiance to paganism and right-wing politics.

According to Varg, because Euronymous was too incompetent to release Burzum albums on Deathlike Silence Productions Records, Varg decided to start his own label called Burznazg (which translates to "Dark Ring" in Tolkien's Dark Speech), that was later (in 1993) changed to Cymophane Records (Greek: "Wave to appear", the name of a gem that is shaped like an eye) and do everything himself.

In October 2003, Varg had a weekend leave from jail, and escaped during that time - only to be caught back later the same day by the police. Rumors also began to circulate that a third ambient album was to be released, and that the plans were canceled after Varg's attempted escape. Varg has denied this.

In March 2009, it was announced that Varg would be released from prison, on the condition that he would have to report to his parole officer for the period of a year. On May 24, 2009, he was officially released on probation.

Varg has repeatedly stated that he is not fond of using a specific font as to make it an official logo for Burzum, showing no interest whatsoever towards having an actual logo. The old writing is often considered as the logo, yet Varg did not intend it, but only took the font he thought to suit the best among all other font stickers he found in a store. He has also remarked in a number of interviews that he is not fond of Burzum being labeled as "black metal", in turn, he thinks "heavy metal" suits better. However, he names his music as "scaldic metal" or even "scaldic music".

In 2013 Varg opened a Youtube channel for his blog, Thulean Perspective where he uploaded a video featuring a new instrumental black metal track called "Back to the Shadows". In the description of the video, he stated that Burzum would cease producing metal for good.

Other exclusive tracks can be streamed through Thulean Perspective's Youtube Channel.

In July 2013, Varg was arrested in France under the suspicion that he was planning a terrorist attack. French police decided to act when Varg's wife legally bought four hunting rifles in a local shop.

Varg Vikernes's first band was known as Uruk-Hai, formed around 1988-89. In mid-1990 Varg took a one-year break, which he spent playing in Old Funeral, and later in Satanel, which he formed with Abbath Doom Occulta of Immortal.

Interesting facts:

AiwarikiaR, the former Ulver drummer, was intended to be the drummer of Burzum during the short period that Varg was thinking about making live performances. Fenriz from Darkthrone and Hellhammer from Mayhem, were also auditioned - the latter was in fact announced as the band's new drummer on flyers in the interim between "Burzum" and "Aske".

At one point, before the murder of Euronymous, Varg was thinking about signing to Earache Records to release his fourth album and this label did want to try having a black metal act on their line-up. Though, Earache hesitated to sign him because of his highly racist views (and also the fact that at that time, Earache were a death/grindcore metal label and not black metal) and Varg was arrested a year later.

A compilation released by Misanthropy Records in 1998 called "Presumed Guilty" contains the Burzum song "Et hvitt lys over skogen", which appears on "Anthology."

All albums from "Burzum/Aske" to "Hlidskjalf" were jointly re-released in 2010 on Byelobog Productions and Candlelight Records as jewel case CD w/ slipcase.
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