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Name :  level cianotiko
Date :  2015-02-21 20:22
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Fourth album of XIPE TOTEC Extreme metal band from Mexico
NEROCROMO MUSIC and INVINCIBLE RECORDS are proud to announce the fourth album of XIPE TOTEC, Extreme metal band from Mexico!
This Prehispanic band in vein of Brutal Technical Death Metal has returned with a new album titled "Miquian" (The moment of death)
The album will be available on digital market in 2015, February 15th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...
Release page: http://nerocromomusic.blogspot.it/2015/02/xipe-totec-miquian-catalogue-number.html

It's the fourth XIPE TOTEC's album, which has achieved a more solid and mature sound. This Mexican band led by only two members: Martin Martinez (Yatrogeny, Eclectic Spawn Miquian) in all music ... and Alejandro Camacho (Muknal, Cryptogeny, Mortal Plague) on vocals, showing more speed, technique and intention in previous albums (Prehispanic Beg, Eztlacuani, In Moyocoyani) to achieve this result have invited a new voice for the chorus on one of his tracks: Miguel Angel Angeles (Remains, Fractal Entropy) and Professor of Ethnomusicology Manuel Ricardo Pilon in Prehispanic the old sounds to one single track, resulting in a particularly specific smart sound work merging Death Metal and the theme of the ancient Aztecs.
It has many passages of Pre-Hispanic instruments, as on this occasion, they have added a "jaguar flute" to the sounds of wind, which is heard as if it were an extra voice; 2 types of rattles, reed flutes, huehuetl, and other drums.
Everything is aligned and tuned to the tonic note of XIPE TOTEC (B flat), thus obtaining a death metal sound strange: profane, dirty, old, swampy, muddy, natural and reminiscent of the times of ancient Mexico.

The subject is being Pre / Hispania nature. No highlighting excessive nationalism because that is a source of aversion towards other cultures, simply evokes the ancient deities of the Aztec pantheon with detailed descriptions of the gods and hortatory reverential manner just like the time; a nostalgic journey through the music of how they would have felt the ancient warriors in their battles; to capture captives to offer his life and blood to the gods; the call of the inner warrior who has to develop their consciousness through fasting, and fight against themselves; XIPE TOTEC much above addresses the issue of the religious calendar Ritual Sacrifice “Tonalpohualli”, topics such as beheading, skinning, drowning, cardiectomy, incineration, ritual cannibalism ... topics that fit very well with the trappings of the letters of Death Metal ... with a touch of anthropological and therefore cultural research.
There are plenty of guitar solos, are harmonized in his 5th and the 4th; times the voices in perfect coordination; Flutes not collide with other instruments and being free run in this way, there is a dissonance; low in certain parts made just stop when they crescendos; Pre-Hispanic drums (also tuned to the tonic harmonic B flat and D flat) have a powerful reverb to achieve the desired to give a more primal reminiscence cavernous echo. The riffs are excessive in number compared to the old records, excessive changes in tonic modulation. Death Metal, rattles, flutes, drums in perfect balance without being polyphonic tones, tempo changes quite varied and unexpected brutality and mysticism into a single concept.

The songs are reverent Classical Nahuatl (tecpillahtolli); also has surprising elements in voice effects to simulate who is screaming from a cave ... guttural cries of triumph and shouts mythical, ancient Nahuatl phrases.
One of the new elements of this production is a song that begins with only pre-Hispanic instruments and retrospective momentum moves to climax harmonies 3 guitars counterpoint based on the Huehuetl and low ... and certainly sounds very melodic to be of XIPE TOTEC but it sounds pretty interesting.
"One thing is to play pre-Hispanic music and other prehispanic instruments." Prof.Of  Prehispanic Archaeomusicology based on research and sources that we have so little, has helped “Miquian” for his outstanding work and go back to a remote past that today, we have the stone, the collective unconscious and a language not is lost completely.

The cover art is the psychic entities Mexihcah, we could mention as "three souls" invisible and subtle substances, namely: Teyolia Tonalli & Ihiyotl but with an artistic flair Death Metal.
Imperatively, to all national and international Metalheads, are invited to listen to this album ... a trip to the past that dates back to ancient Mexico.

Site: http://xipetotec.nlz.it
Label: http://invinciblerecords.nlz.it
Press bureau: http://dvlgator.nlz.it

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