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Name :  level 1 hellliesinoth
Date :  2010-03-04 00:08
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Vomm "Black Catharsis" cassette pre-order


Hell Lies In Others is proud to announce the release of a 7-track C30 cassette ‘Black Catharsis’ by VOMM.

Self-described as audial insanity as a direct result of unhealthy occult interest, disrupted frequencies, blood letting, cathartic ritualism, social distain, political distrust and self-imposed exile on ‘modern life’.

The track listing for 'Black Catharsis' is as follows:

1. Storm Setter
2. 7610 - Inner Hell
3. AoD
4. Voidance Of Modern Man
5. European Offensive
7. Black Catharsis

Here, we give an intensely personal description of each track on the release.

‘Storm Setter’ - the power of Nature, its cruelty and total domination over man.

‘7610 - Inner Hell’ - personal numbers to VOMM, relating to a duration of madness, maintained by alcohol abuse, not out of choice.

‘AoD’ - The audial expression of a man who has no desire to connect with anyone on a personal, face to face level.

‘Voidance Of Modern Man’ - What VOMM literally stands for, the title explains itself, though sound wise, this is the devastation of the modern era, a forced return to Nature.. for the lucky few.

‘European Offensive’ - Utter disgust for a bastardized European culture, expressed through sound.

‘MDCCCXXIMCMXIX’ - A short journey into my world of occult fascination, focusing on Madame Blavatsky, Guido Von List and their obsessions with Theosophy, leading to Aryosophy, the emergence of the swastika and 'the brotherhood' watchers pre dating before World War One. This is not a political statement and before all else, focuses on the Tibetan use of the swastika as a symbol of the sun and good fortune. Powerful thoughts and symbolism; both relative to occultism & spiritualism; nothing more.

‘Black Catharsis’ - VOMM at its darkest; no light, just black metal and vodka - falling deeper into my own private hell - screaming and cutting the outlet.

The track ‘Storm Setter’ is up on our myspace player at www.myspace.com/hellliesinothers

‘Black Catharsis’ will be released towards the end of March 2010 on Hell Lies In Others - HLIO02 - in an edition of 100 hand-numbered copies on 50 black cassettes and 50 white cassettes each with a silk-screen printed J-card, clear cassette case with a silk-screen printed wrap-around 5-panel outer cover on thick black stock and sealed with a Japanese-style obi strip. Artwork and design by Stephen Wilson at Black Uroborus.

Limited edition silk-screen printed t-shirts with the ‘Black Catharsis’ artwork and design by Stephen Wilson with the Hell Lies In Others logo on the reverse. These will be available as dark grey shirts with black print or black shirts with dark grey print.



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