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Name :  level 21 Eagles
Date :  2004-02-29 16:49
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Melodicpia Hot Issue - Best Melodic Speed Metal Track

Melodicpia 에서 2002년초쯤에 회원님들의 설문으로 베스트트랙을 뽑아 이벤트시디를 제작한 적이 있습니다. 회원당 자신이 최고라 생각하는 멜로딕 스피드 메틀곡을 10곡씩 꼽는 핫이슈였는데요. 당시 이를 매우 흥미롭게 생각하여 나름대로 집계를 했었습니다. 그 내용을 공유할까 합니다. 곡명 득표횟수 '수록앨범명' 순입니다.

     Carry on   16   'Angels Cry'
     Nova era   7   'Rebirth'
     Wuthering Heights   2   'Angels Cry'
     Rebirth   2   'Rebirth'
     Make Believe   'Holy Land'
     Nothing To Say   'Holy Land'
     Lisbon   3   'Fireworks'
     Time   'Angels Cry'
     Evil warning   'Angels Cry'
     Carolina IV   3   'Holy Land'
     Running Alone   'Rebirth'
     Speed   'Fireworks'
At Vance
     Fly to the rainbow   3   'only human'
     Don't you believe a stranger   'heart of steel'
     Too late   'dragonchaser'
     Power & glory   'no escape'
     S.O.S   'heart of steel'
     Goodbye   'heart of steel'
     THE WINNER TAKE IT ALL   'dragonchaser'
     Falling ghost   2   'twilight of day'
     Twilight of day   'twilight of day'
     Reach out for the light   8   'the metal opera'
     The glory of rome   3   'the metal opera'
     Farewell   'the metal opera'
     The tower   15   'the metal opera'
     Breaking away   'the metal opera'
     The final Sacrifice   'the metal opera'
     The ring of freedom   2  'the legend begins'
Blind Guardian
     I'm alive   5   'Imaginations From The Other Side'
     Mirror Mirror   4   'Nightfall In Middle-Earth'
     Nightfall   5   'Nightfall In Middle-Earth'
     The Curse Of Feanor   'Nightfall In Middle-Earth'
     And then there was a silence   'A Night At The Opera'
     Imaginations From The Other Side   2   'Imaginations From The Other Side'
     Lost In The Twilight Hall   2   'Tales From The Twilight World'
     Modred's song   'Imaginations From The Other Side'
     The Script for My Requiem   'Imaginations From The Other Side'
     Journey through the dark   'Somewhere Far Beyond'
     land of life   'cydonia'
     Confused Future   'cydonia'
Dark Moor
     Quest For Eternal Flame   'hall of the olden dreams'
     Somewhere in dream   'hall of the olden dreams'
     Starsmaker(Elbereth)   'the gate of oblivion'
     A New Would    'the gate of oblivion'
     Leader of the man  'stormbringer ruler - the legend of the power supreme'
Eddy Antonini
     Rufus   'when water becameice'
     My Last Step Beyond   'sunrise in eden'
     COLOR MY SKY   'arcana'
     Babylon   5   'Theater Of Salvation'
     Out of control   'Vain Glory Opera'
     Fairy Tale   'Vain Glory Opera'
     Golden dawn   6   'Mandrake'
     Arrows Fly   'Theater Of Salvation'
     The Kingdom   'Kingdom Of Madness'
     Wings of dream   'Kingdom Of Madness'
     Theater Of Salvation   5   'Theater Of Salvation'
     Tears of mandrake   2   'Mandrake'
     Vain Glory Opera   'Vain Glory Opera'
     Land Of The Miracle   'Theater Of Salvation'
     Upon the grave of guilty   2   'falconer'
     Royal galley   'falconer'
Freedom Call
     Shine on   'stairway to fairyland'
     Warrior of light   2   'taragon'
     Call of the fame   2   'crystal empire'
     Worst of Enemeis  'warchants & fairytales'
Gamma Ray
     Heaven Can Wait   4    'Heading For Tomorrow'  
     Man on a missing    'Land Of The Free'
     The winged horse   3   'Somewhere Out In Space'
     The Silence   3   'Heading For Tomorrow'
     New World Order   'No World Order'
     Rebellion in dreamland   5   'Land Of The Free'
     Space eater   3   'Heading For Tomorrow'
     Eagle   'No World Order'
     Land of the free  3   'Land Of The Free'
     Valley of the kings   3   'Somewhere Out In Space'
     Beyond The Black Hole   4   'Somewhere Out In Space'
     Lust for life   4   'Heading For Tomorrow'
     Damn the machine   'No World Order'
     Send me a Sign   'Powerplant'
     Wings Of Destiny   'Powerplant'
     Anywhere in the Galaxy   2   'Powerplant'
     Somewhere Out In Space   3   'Somewhere Out In Space'
     It's a sin   2   'Powerplant'
     Last Before The Storm   'Insanity & Genius'
     Heavy Metal Universe   'Powerplant'
     Glory to the brave   'glory to the brave'
     Stronger than all   'legacy of kings'
     Carry your heart   'coming from the sky'
     Still believe    'sign of the winner'
     Until The End   'sign of the winner'
     World Of Change   'sign of the winner'
     Sign Of The Winner  2   'sign of the winner'
     The World Will Be Better   6   'sign of the winner'
     Time machine   'coming from the sky'
     Condemned To Die   'sign of the winner'
     DESTINY   'sign of the winner'
Heaven's Gate
     Rising sun  'hell for sale'
     In Control    'In Control'
     Dr. stein    4   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2'
     Future World   5   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1'
     I Want Out   8   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2'
     Lavdate Dominum   'Better Than Raw'
     Power   2     'The Time Of The Oath'
     Salvation   'the dark ride'
     Sole Survivor   'Master Of The Rings'
     WInd Mill   3   'chameleon'
     Eagle Fly Free   15   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2'
     Ride the sky   2   'Walls Of Jericho'
     Victom of fate   'helloween'
     Midnight Sun   2   'Better Than Raw'
     Walls of jericho   'Walls Of Jericho'
     Where the rain grows   'Master Of The Rings'
     Halloween   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1'
     How many tears   8   'Walls Of Jericho'
     March of Time   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2'
     First time   'chameleon'
     The dark ride   2   'The Dark Ride'
     A Little Time    'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1'
     Keeper of the seven keys   6   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2'
     Rise and fall   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2'
     Twilight of gods   'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1'
     Mr. Torture   'The Dark Ride'
     Kings Will be Kings   'The Time Of The Oath'
     All i want  'when the aurora falls...'
     Frozen heaven   'when the aurora falls...'
     Perpetual fury   'when the aurora falls...'
     Sunrise in riverland   2   'sunrise in riverland'  
     The land of the winter sun   8   'sunrise in riverland'  
Iron Savior
     Atlantis Falling
     Forever   10   'karma'
     The Fourth Legacy   11  'the fourth legacy'
     Karma   3   'karma'
     Chapter 1   'son of thunder'
     Moonlight   3   'return to heaven denied'
     Falling Rain  4   'return to heaven denied'
     Thunder   4   'return to heaven denied'
     Save me   'timeless crime'
Lost Horizon
     Sworn In The Metal Wind   3   'awakening the world'
     Heart Of Storm   2   'awakening the world'
     The Kingdom of my Will   'awakening the world'
Luca Turilli
     The Ancient Forest Of Elves   'king of the nordic twilight'
     King of Immortal Fire   'king of the nordic twilight'
     Voodoo Treasure   2   'trinity overture'
     The chance of dying in a dream   'dakness with tales to tell'
     Sacrament Of Wilderness   2   'oceanborn'
     Moondance   'oceanborn'
     Wishmaster   'wishmaster'
     Kinslayer   'wishmaster'
Phantom'S Opera
     Play Myt Guitar   'following dreams'
     Emerald sword   31   'Symphony Of Enchanted Lands'
     Lamd Of Imotals   5   'Legendary Tales'
     Power Of The Dragonflame   2   'Power Of The Dragonflame'  
     Rain Of A Thousand Flames   'Rain Of A Thousand Flames'
     The last winged unicon  'dawn of victory'
     The Pride Of The Tyrant   'Power Of The Dragonflame'
     Warrior Of Ice   'Legendary Tales'
     Holy Thunderforce   3   'dawn of victory'
     Wisdom of the kings   'Symphony Of Enchanted Lands'
     Dawn of victory   'dawn of victory'
     ETERNAL GLORY   'Symphony Of Enchanted Lands'
     The Wizard's Last Rhymes   'Rain Of A Thousand Flames'
Ring Of Fire
     Circle Of Time   'the oracle'
Royal Hunt
     Wasted time   'clown in the mirror'
     Tearing Down The World   3   'paradox'
     Lies   4   'fear'
     River of pain   'paradox'
     Last goodbye   2   'moving target'
Secret Sphere
     Recall Of The Valkyrie  4   'mistress of the shadowlight'
     Oblivion   'a time nevercome'
     Skylark   'dragons secrets'
     The triumph   9   'gate of hell'
     Belzebu   3   'gate of hell'
     Was Called Empire   'after the storm'
     The Heaven Church   'gate of heaven'
     Light act1   'dragons secrets'
     Lady of the sky   'gate of heaven'
Sonata Arctica
     Full Moon    'Ecliptica'
     Blank File   9   'Ecliptica'
     Wolf & raven   3   'silence'
     Mary-Lou   'Ecliptica'
     KIngdom for a heart   'Ecliptica'
     San sebastian   4   'successor'
     Weballergy   6   'silence'
     Destruction Preventer   'Ecliptica'
     My Land   'Ecliptica'
     Forever Free   2   'Visions'
     Speed of light   5   'Episode'
     Paradise   4   'Visions'
     Father Time   3   'Episode'
     Will The Sun Rise?   3   'Episode'
     Black Diamond   10   'Visions'
     Glory of the world   2   'Infinite'
     The Vision   2   'Visions'
     Phoenix   'Infinite'
     Freedom   4   'Infinite'
     Season of change   'Episode'
     Playing with the fire   'Destiny'
     Hunting High And Low   3    'Infinite'
     Anthem of the world   2   'Destiny'
     S.O.S   2   'Destiny'
     Forever   2   'Episode'
     Tomorrow   'Episode'
     Legions   'vision'
     DESTINY   'Destiny'
Supreme Majesty
     Let it Go   2   'tales of a tragic kingdom'
     Strike Like Thunder  'tales of a tragic kingdom'
     World's cry   'thunderstone'
     Moon Light   'theatre of fate'
Vision Divine
     The Miracle   'vision divine'
     Dimension to freedom   'reality'

Best Points Song

1 Rhapsody - Emerald Sword   31
2 Angra - Carry On   16
3 Avantasia - The Tower   15
  Helloween - Eagle Fly Free   15
5 Kamelot - The Fourth Legacy   11
6 Kamelot - Forever   10
  Stratovarius - Black Diamond   10
8 Skylark - The Triumph   9
  Sonata Arctica - Blank File   9
10 Avantasia - Reach Out For The Light   8
  Helloween - I Want Out   8
  Helloween - How Many Tears   8
  Insania - The Land Of The Winter Sun   8
14 Angra - Nova Era   7
15 Edguy - Golden Dawn   6
  Heavenly - The World Will Be Better   6
  Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys   6
  Sonata Arctica - Weballergy   6
19 Blind Guardian - I'm alive   5
  Blind Guardian - Nightfall   5
  Edguy - Babylon   5
  Edguy - Theater Of Salvation   5
  Gamma Ray - Rebellion In Dreamland   5
  Helloween - Future World   5
  Rhapsody - Lamd Of Imotals   5
  Stratovarius - Speed Of Light   5
27 Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror   4
  Gamma Ray - Heaven Can Wait   4
  Gamma Ray - Beyond The Black Hole   4
  Gamma Ray - Lust For Life   4
  Helloween - Dr. stein    4
  Labyrinth - Falling Rain  4
  Labyrinth - Thunder   4
  Royal Hunt - Lies   4
  Secret Sphere - Recall Of The Valkyrie  4
  Sonata Arctica - San Sebastian   4  
  Stratovarius - Paradise   4
  Stratovarius - Freedom   4
39 Angra - Lisbon    3
  Angra - Carolina IV   3
  At Vance - Fly To The Rainbow   3
  Avantasia - The Glory Of Rome   3
  Gamma Ray - The Winged Horse   3
  Gamma Ray - The Silence   3
  Gamma Ray - Space Eater   3
  Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free   3
  Gamma Ray - Valley Of The Kings   3
  Gamma Ray - Somewhere Out In Space   3
  Helloween - WInd Mill   3
  Kamelot - Karma    3
  Labyrinth - Moonlight   3
  Lost Horizon - Sworn In The Metal Wind   3
  Rhapsody - Holy Thunderforce   3
  Royal Hunt - Tearing Down The World   3
  Skylark - Belzebu   3
  Sonata Arctica - Wolf & Raven   3
  Stratovarius - Will The Sun Rise?   3
  Stratovarius - Hunting High And Low   3
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Rhuhongsam 2020-05-28 02:59
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