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Name :  level 4 Ashbringer
Date :  2017-11-30 17:07
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Is there any rock/metal CDs shop in 대전?

Hello everyone,
I just discovered this site a few days ago, and for me, it's a really interesting site with plenty of useful information.

I'm a student living in 대전, and as I mention above, could anyone suggest me some rock/metal CDs shops here please? I've already known some shops that sell CDs ,and most of them are located in Seoul so I can only buy online. Of course, their CDs are in good condition but sometimes I just want to know more information like the released date, for example. Moreover, some CDs are not listed in their websites so I have no chance to buy them online.

Thank you for reading my post. ^^
level 4 공공의적    2017-11-30 17:15
hello. im living there too. as far as i know, there is no place what you want in 대전. you only hv one choice. its online.
level 4 Ashbringer    2017-11-30 23:17
That makes me sad. I really hope there will be more shops, more shows here to come, haha.
Anyway, thank you for replying.
level 6 소담    2017-12-01 16:41
Hello, I'm living in Busan, the second city in S.Korea. But it's the same for here, too. So when I visited Seoul a few months ago, I went to Dope Record and I was very surprised by the stuffs at there...

Anyway, what kinds of genre/album do you want to buy? Maybe there will be one or two online shops in S.Korea that you haven't heard about.
level 4 Ashbringer    2017-12-03 01:04
Yeah, I know Dope Record. I also came there and bought some CDs when I attended Rhapsody's show in Seoul last month. It seems to be the most well-known shop in S.Korea.

I often listen to metal ( most of its subgenres), so it's hard to list here. But now I'm looking for some albums of Summoning, Nocturnal Depression, Shape of despair, Scorpions and Harakiri for the sky.
level 6 소담    2017-12-04 14:29
It seems you love extreme metal, including Black Metal! Then how about these record shops that you might not have heard about?

1. Marquee Records - One of the oldest records shop in S.Korea that deals with metal music. It first opened in 1986 (maybe), and have been loved for many years by many people. Although the offline shop seems to be closed, but the online shop is still available. They are selling Death, Black, Thrash.... and other extreme metal albums. And it looks like there were some albums of Summoning, Nocturnal Depression, Shape of despair, which are now all sold-out. But they often re-stock their sold-out stuff, so keeping checking out will be of help.

2. Fallen Angels - Owner of this record shop also has a record label called "Fallen Angel Production". And the albums on the distro are usually from his album trade with other foreign labels. Lots of Black/Death/Thrash metal albums, including Nocturnal Depression - The Cult of Negation. And look up things in the site will help you to find things that you'd like to get... So I recommend you check out 'RARE / OLD / BEST' section in the distro. Also, his blog (http://back1969.blog.me/) also help to search stuffs.

If you already heard about these shops, then... That's it. It's all I know about.
level 4 Ashbringer    2017-12-04 18:00
Thank you so much! I know Marquee, but never heard about Fallen Angels before. What a great shop!

By the way, yesterday I searched on Naver and found out this link. I think it may be useful for you, too.
So many shops are listed here, and most of them are still active. Can't believe that it was created 6 years ago! It's worth spending time to check this list.

Thank you again for your suggestions. Hope you can share with me the other shops in the future. :)
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