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346 concerts
Crux : A Tribute to Stryper & 80's Heavy Metal
2020-03-22 (SUN)
[Prism Plus]
Duoxini 1st EP Album Release Show
2020-02-22 (SAT)
[GBN Live House]
Signs of the Swarm Live in Seoul
2020-02-16 (SUN)
[Prism Plus]
Wild Breathe Vol.1
2020-02-15 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
Power Trip Live in Seoul
2020-02-08 (SAT)
[GBN Live House]
Thunder Struck Vol.17
2020-01-19 (SUN)
[Prism Plus]
Slaughter to Prevail, Lorna Shore Live in Korea
2020-01-11 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
OZ on Stage - Metal Fest I
2019-11-30 (SAT)
[부산 OZ Live Hall]
Eyehategod Live in Korea
2019-11-30 (SAT)
[GBN Live House]
Generation Axe Live in Korea
2019-11-23 (SAT)
[Yes24 Live Hall]
Deafheaven Live in Korea
2019-11-16 (SAT)
Method - Definition of Method Tour in Seoul
2019-11-16 (SAT)
[Platform Chang Dong 61 Red Box]
No Mercy Fest Vol.10
2019-11-16 (SAT)
[Rolling Hall]
Vomitory Live in Korea
2019-11-09 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
Marduk Live in Korea
2019-10-19 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
Mullae Metal City 2019
[Box Theater]
Waking the Cadaver, Party Cannon Live in Korea
2019-10-16 (WED)
[Prism Plus]
Asterism Live in Korea
2019-10-05 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
Within Destruction Live in Seoul
2019-09-29 (SUN)
[Free Bird Live Hall]
Within Destruction Live in Daegu
2019-09-28 (SAT)
[대구 Rock King]
Rock Revolution Vol.9
2019-09-22 (SUN)
[Dream Hall]
15th Hall of Dime
2019-09-21 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
Downfall Fest 2019
2019-09-07 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
21st 주Work야Rock
2019-09-01 (SUN)
[Club A.O.R]
Immolation Live in Korea
2019-08-27 (TUE)
[Prism Plus]
Metal Counterattack III
2019-08-17 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
Gangwon Rock Festival 2019
Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2019
[인천 Pentaport Park]
Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival 2019
BRATS & Broken by the Scream Live in Seoul
2019-08-02 (FRI)
[West Bridge Live Hall]
Thunder Struck Vol.16
2019-07-28 (SUN)
[Prism Plus]
2019 Busan International Rock Festival
[부산 삼락생태공원]
Cryptopsy Live in Korea
2019-07-14 (SUN)
[Prism Plus]
Wild Match 12 - Black Hole vs Method
2019-07-13 (SAT)
[Platform Chang Dong 61 Red Box]
Just a Moment Part 3
2019-06-29 (SAT)
[부산 Club Realize]
Moby Dick Concert
2019-06-22 (SAT)
[Club Rolling Stones]
Under Grind #9
2019-06-15 (SAT)
[GBN Live House]
No Mercy Fest Vol.9
2019-06-08 (SAT)
[Prism Plus]
Conmin M/V Fest
2019-05-25 (SAT)
[West Bridge Live Hall]
Rock Out Vol.1
2019-05-19 (SUN)
[Prism Plus]
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