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Formed2003, Chiba-ken
GenresPower Metal
Years active2003-present

Line-up (members)

  • Taka : Guitars, Bass
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Crow'sClaw Discography

AlbumLyrics TypeRelease dateRatingVotesReviews
Crow'sClaw - Crow'sClowAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - 十七分割Album-00
Crow'sClaw - Battlefield 1987Album-00
Crow'sClaw - Broken PhantasmAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Parental Advisory Explicit GuitarAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Scythe of HellAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Frozen FrogAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Crossfire BarrageAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Brutal Games for Reminding of DeathAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Blacker Than the Blackest BlackAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Over the RainbowAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - From the Bottom of the HeartAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Blackened Fangs and Bloody ClawsAlbum8010
Crow'sClaw - Lightning DischargeAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - The Flames of the InfernoAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Sepia RecollectionsAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Caramel CrunchAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Loudness WarAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Shelling and TorpedoingAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Fair JudgementAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Indigo Blue and Black StoutAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - The Spirit of the DestroyersAlbum8010
Crow'sClaw - Angel's WingsAlbum-00
Crow'sClaw - Seven Wonders of the Lotus LandLyricsAlbum8010
Crow'sClaw - Soundtrack of the Fairy TaleLyricsAlbum7010
Crow'sClaw - 追憶のサクラメントAlbum7010

Best Crow'sClaw Songs

1PossessionBroken Phantasm (2005)1001
2Wake of the Second Torpedo Squadron (二水戦の航跡)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)901
3I-Class Submarine (眼下の伊号)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)901
4Opening - Start Operation (作戦発動)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)801
5Battle of Mutuski-Class Destroyers (睦月型駆逐艦の戦い)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)801
6The Second Operation SN (反撃!第二次SN作戦 EOボス戦)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)801
7Repatriation (桃の節句と艦娘)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)801
8Ambush Battle (待ち伏せの夜戦)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)801
9Fubuki, Sortieing! (吹雪、出撃す!)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)801
10Maritime Escort (新編「海上護衛隊」抜錨!)The Spirit of the Destroyers (2015)701
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