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Formed1991, Pudasjärvi
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Years active1991-1998, 1998-present (as Kalmah)

Line-up (members)

  • Pasi Puhakka : Bass
  • Pekka Kokko : Bass (1992), Vocals (1992-1998), Guitars (1993-1998)
  • Petri Sankala : Drums (1992-1998)
  • Antti Kokko : Guitars (1997-1998)

Former members

  • Sauli Ylilehto : Bass
  • Altti Veteläinen : Bass
  • Anssi Seppänen : Guitars (1992-1993)
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Additional notes
The band had 5 unknown bass players.

After the split up in 1998, the band reformed as Kalmah with a different sound and line-up.

Band picture taken from the back cover of the "Under The Burbot's Nest" demo (1998).

Official bio taken from the old Ancestor website:
"The band was founded in 1991 in Pudasjärvi. Pudasjärvi is (located 88 km northeast from Oulu) in the northern Finland. Our first demo, called Ethereal Devotion, was released in 1992. There were three of us: Pekka Kokko(bass & vocals), Petri Sankala(drums), and Anssi Seppänen(guitars). The songs were made by Anssi but he decided to go on with his mother. The music on the first tape was something between speed and trash metal. The sounds were not so good because we didn't have so much experience about making music then.

The second demo was called With No Strings Attached(released in 1993). It contains pure thrash metal. The composition was Pekka Kokko(guitars & vocals), Altti Veteläinen(bass) and Petri Sankala(drums). One of demos songs was played on the radio and it was also noticed in other European countries like Belgium(Yahoo!!!) Then the army called and Pekka Kokko had to fuck with it! In the meantime Altti joined in the band called E.T.O.S (take a look! Eternal Tears of Sorrow) So we didn't some much action at the music front.

But now after a few painful and liquid years we have gathered with a new composition. Pekka Kokko (guitars & vocals), Antti Kokko (guitars), Petri Sankala (drums) and Pasi Puhakka (bass). We have released a new demo called Material World - God. We recorded it in Pudasjärvi, March 1997. It contains four true metal songs and at least we`re satisfied with it! That is what we're looking for! (maybe...)"
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