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Various Artists - Christian Deathcore: Volume 2

Christian Deathcore: Volume 2

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Christian Deathcore: Volume 2 Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.This Divided World - The Words I Should Have Said (Ft. Shannon Low)3:33-0
2.Solomon - Aperi Oculos3:06-0
3.Dissimulator - Butchered3:05-0
4.All Have Sinned - Hope (Ft. Kevyn Reece)3:22-0
5.Broken Flesh - Once Dead2:53-0
6.Seeds Of Hope - Earthly Fathers2:33-0
7.Every Knee Shall Bow - The Lion's Teeth3:42-0
8.Abated Mass Of Flesh - The Killer In Me2:24-0
9.The Order Of Elijah - New Line Of Defense3:59-0
10.As They Sleep - The Unseen3:34-0
11.Those Who Endure - Toxic Hubris3:00-0
12.Images - Depths Of Perdition3:27-0
13.Nomadic - Extenuate3:03-0
14.Afterimage - Nexus4:24-0
15.Admonished - Paradox5:15-0
16.The Valenzetti Equation - Baptism In Blood4:19-0
17.Toarn - Bloodstained Love Story3:36-0
18.Consecrate - Redeemer3:27-0
19.Great Was The Fall - Restoration4:19-0
20.Tears Of The Martyrs - Last Look At Eden2:45-0
21.Final Surrender - Refresh5:26-0
22.Adelaide - Slugtrail4:05-0
23.A Body Divided - Dis/connect4:27-0
24.WhatDrivesTheWeak - Betrayer3:48-0
25.Soul Embraced - Like A Corpse3:05-0
26.Washed With The Blood - Taking Out The Vipers3:43-0
27.Tribulations - Whats Left4:09-0
28.Saints Among Soldiers - Deny The Horde3:19-0
29.A Prophet's Exile - Lust4:39-0
30.Unseen Faith - Dreamland4:29-0
31.Anatomy Of A Creation - Murderer2:27-0
32.This Divided World - The Book Of Life (Ft. Greg Sutton)3:34-0
33.A Cause To Prosper - Obey3:17-0
34.Elysian - Healing2:48-0
35.Hematidrosis - The Lost Girl3:01-0
35-song compilation of deathcore/extreme bands glorifying God.

All donations will be used to purchase more credits for free downloads.

released 17 November 2013
Special thanks and courtesy to Itchy Metal Entertainment, Red Cord Records, Rottweiler Records, and Solid State/Tooth & Nail Records.

Artwork by Joshua Moore (www.facebook ... See More

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Christian Deathcore: Volume 2 Comments

level   70/100
몇몇 아는 크리스천 데스코어 밴드들도 눈에 띄지만 처음 보는 밴드들이 많다. 사실 크리스천 데스코어 밴드가 이렇게 많은지 몰랐다. 참 고마운 컴필레이션이다. 참고로 1, 2편 둘다 밴드캠프에서 전곡 무료다운로드 가능하다.
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