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Thin Lizzy - At the BBC cover art

At the BBC

TypeBoxed set
GenresHard Rock
LabelsUniversal Music
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Submitted by level 퀴트린 (2011-12-15)
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At the BBC Information

Track listing (Songs)

Session 1 (Stuart Henry-Sounds Of The Seventies- 1971/07/07)
1.Look What The Wind Just Blew In4:25-0
2.Return Of The Farmers Son3:50-0
Session 2 (John Peel Session 1972/11/14)
3.Whiskey In The Jar5:50-0
5.Black Boys On The Corner3:07-0
6.Saga Of The Ageing Orphan3:37-0
Session 3 (John Peel Session 1973/07/31)
7.Vagabond Of The Western World4:23-0
8.Gonna Creep Up On You3:19-0
9.Little Girl In Bloom4:45-0
Session 4 (John Peel Session 1973/08/06)
10.Randolph's Tango (John Peel Session, 1973)3:46-0
11.The Rocker (John Peel Session, 1973)5:17-0
12.Slow Blues (John Peel Session, 1973)5:36-0
Session 5 (Bob Harris-Sounds Of The Seventies- 1973/08/29)
13.Randolph’s Tango3:40-0
14.Little Girl In Bloom4:41-0
15.The Rocker5:12-0
Session 6 (Rock On Session 1974/03/02)
1.Little Girl In Bloom5:26-0
2.Little Darling3:04-0
Session 7 (Bob Harris Session 1974/03/06)
5.Little Darling3:10-0
6.Slow Blues5:34-0
Session 8 (John Peel Session 1974/04/04)
8.It's Only Money2:41-0
9.Little Darling3:03-0
10.Still In Love With You5:37-0
11.Black Boys On The Corner4:14-0
Session 9 (John Peel Session 1974/10/03)
13.She Knows5:08-0
14.It's Only Money2:42-0
15.Sha La La3:39-0
Session 10 (Bob Harris Session 1974/11/25)
1.Dear Heart4:33-0
Session 11 (John Peel Session 1975/05/29)
3.Half Caste3:48-0
Session 12 (John Peel Session 1976/02/12)
7.The Warrior3:57-0
8.Cowboy Song5:14-0
Session 13 (John Peel Session 1976/09/23)
10.Don't Believe A Word2:46-0
12.Fools Gold3:53-0
13.Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed3:41-0
Session 14 (John Peel Session 1977/08/01)
14.Killer Without A Cause3:40-0
15.Bad Reputation2:47-0
16.That Woman’s Gonna Break Your Heart3:29-0
17.Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In A Spotlight)3:24-0
18.Downtown Sundown3:55-0
(In Concert 1973/07/26)
1.The Rocker6:00-0
2.Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm5:52-0
3.Slow Blues5:03-0
4.Gonna Creep Up On You3:47-0
(In Concert 1974/11/27)
6.She Knows5:06-0
7.It's Only Money2:43-0
8.Still In Love With You5:19-0
10.Rock And Roll With You4:11-0
11.Baby Drives Me Crazy4:22-0
(In Concert 1981/11/26) Hammersmith Odeon
1.Angel Of Death7:42-0
3.Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)4:43-0
4.The Pressure Will Blow3:48-0
5.Killer On The Loose5:51-0
6.The Boys Are Back In Town4:58-0
7.Are You Ready2:52-0
8.Baby Drives Me Crazy9:21-0
(In Concert 1983/01/26) Regal Theatre
3.This Is The One3:55-0
4.Cold Sweat3:30-0
5.The Sun Goes Down8:01-0
6.The Holy War5:35-0
7.The Boys Are Back In Town5:32-0
9.Baby Please Don't Go7:03-0
10.Still In Love With You8:58-0
11.Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In A Spotlight)4:32-0
12.Baby Drives Me Crazy7:40-0
[Disc-7 (DVD) ]
(Rainbow Theare, London 1978/03/29)
1.The Boys Are Back In Town4:46-0
3.Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In A Spotlight)3:56-0
5.Still In Love With You7:57-0
6.Don’t Believe A Word3:33-0
7.Are You Ready?2:49-0
8.Sha La La5:50-0
9.Baby Drives Me Crazy6:11-0
10.Me And The Boys5:18-0
(Regal Theatre, Hitchin 1983/01/26)
12.This In The One3:55-0
13.Cold Sweat3:20-0
14.The Sun Goes Down8:04-0
15.The Holy War5:08-0
16.The Boys Are Back In Town5:35-0
18.Baby Please Don't Go6:34-0
(Top Of The Pops 1973-1981)
19.Whiskey In The Jar (1973/02/01)3:37-0
20.Jailbreak (1976/07/29)3:10-0
21.Don't Believe A Word (1976/12/23)2:16-0
22.Dancing In The Moonlight (1977/08/11)2:40-0
23.Dancing In The Moonlight (1977/08/25)2:46-0
24.Rosalie (Cowgirl Song) (1978/05/11)3:11-0
25.Rosalie (Cowgirl Song) (1978/06/22)3:04-0
26.Waiting For An Alibi (1979/03/01)3:15-0
27.Sarah (1979/11/01)2:45-0
28.Chinatown (1980/05/29)2:25-0
29.Are You Ready (1981/04/30)2:36-0
30.Are You Ready (1981/05/14)2:55-0
(Old Grey Whistle Test 1979/02/09)
31.Back On The Streets4:04-0
32.Don't Believe A Word4:37-0
(Old Grey Whistle Test 1981/04/11)
33.Ode To A Black Man3:46-0
34.Somebody Else's Dream5:31-0
(Three Of A Kind 1982/01/01)

Thin Lizzy Discography

Album titleTypeRelease dateRatingVotesReviews
preview Studio 86.7 30
preview Studio 82.5 20
preview Studio 81.7 30
preview Studio 85 21
preview Studio 90 20
preview Studio 90.6 100
preview Studio 90 30
preview Studio 89.5 40
preview Live 90 40
preview Studio 89.5 81
preview Studio 85 10
preview Studio 80 10
preview Studio 90.6 70
preview Live 90 10
preview EP - 00
preview Live - 00
preview Live 90 10
preview Live - 00
preview Live - 00
preview Live - 00
preview Live - 00
preview Live - 00
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