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Enbilulugugal - Goatfucked Demology: the Years of HellNoize cover art

Goatfucked Demology: the Years of HellNoize

GenresBlack Metal, Noise
LabelsEternal Darkness Creations
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Submitted by level 서태지 (2016-09-12)
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Goatfucked Demology: the Years of HellNoize Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Satanic Killing of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night2:29-0
2.Hang the Priests Head on the Unholy Tree While Sodomizing the Black Goat2:37-0
3.Black Vomit Drips from the Altar of the Fallen Jehovah2:39-0
4.Final Hour of Christ2:32-0
5.Frostfucked Black Metal Goatsodomy3:10-0
6.Hymnvocation of the Frostdemon Hellcult2:31-0
7.Bestial Warfucked Blasphemy2:05-0
8.Goatfucked Necrosodomy Satanic Hellkilling2:28-0
9.Blasphemous Summoning of Baphoritual Demons3:05-0
10.Satanic Winter of Baphohell Demongoats2:12-0
11.Apokalyptic Heathenstorm2:22-0
12.Malefic Hellsodomification of Demonwhores2:19-0
13.Nekromantic Bulletstorm Winterchaos2:03-0
14.Satan Thrashes upon the Warfucked Body of Christ3:48-0
15.Nunfucking Nuklear Sabbath2:14-0
16.Guerra Eterna del Culto del Demonio de Satanic1:28-0
18.Estructura de las Tormentas del Invierno Concluído los Vientos de Armageddon1:36-0
20.Rajando la Garganta Unholy de la Cabra1:13-0
22.Ritual de Satanic de la Sangre y del Vómito1:48-0
24.Sacerdote y Monjas de la Matanza Durante Fullmoon1:09-0
25.Guerra en el Asshole Santo de las Monjas1:01-0
27.Mate al sacerdote mientras que sodomiza la cabra negra durante el Ritual de Fullmoon1:34-0
29.Sodomice Negra la Cabra0:30-0
31.Blood Soiled HellSnow of the Catholic Slut Fuck3:46-0
32.Gut the Holy Bitch, Rape Her Insides, Eat Her Shredded Entrails2:53-0
33.DemonRaping of the Black Shit Covered Nun2:43-0
34.Slicing the Blood Clotted Cunt of the Rotting Virgin AngelSlut4:36-0
35.Lord of Lust and Black Blood Armageddon Including Torturous Bludgeon of the Immortal Goatlord4:51-0
36.Sadistic Black Rape of the Virgin Daughter of Gutted Bastard Christ1:09-0
37.Blasphemous Morbid Hammer of the Maniacal Angel Whipper0:40-0
38.Unholy Fucking Bloody Pentagrams Embelish Thy Skull1:36-0
39.Dissemination of Black Goatsemen and the Evil Fleshplague of Doomhell0:36-0
40.Hail the Nunimpregnating Goatdemon of the Bowels of the Black Fucking Abyss1:00-0
41.Slaughter the Whore Demoness of Sodomy and Infernal Hellfire2:10-0
42.Vomitations of the Goat upon the Catholic Throne of the Communist God0:46-0
Disc 2
1.Press the Stinking Face of Humanity into the Dark Blood of Its Own Secret Heart2:26-0
3.Choking on Filthy Flesh1:10-0
4.Totalitarian Faggotaxe Slaughter3:01-0
5.Kamikaze Plaguewar2:58-0
6.Destruction of Your Religion0:34-0
8.Acts of Coprophilia Commited Under the Influence of Alcohol2:19-0
9.Spill the Blood of the Goat in the Pale Moonlight While Igniting the Fires of Satan2:30-0
10.Booze, Sweat, and Diarrhea2:58-0
11.Smearing Feces into the Face of the Fucking Catholic Bishop2:21-0
12.Drunken Plunder into Fields of Vomit3:33-0
13.Mary Engulfed in Goat Vomit4:28-0
14.Maelstrom of Bile and Black Vomit3:15-0
15.Vomiting on Your Saviour3:24-0
16.Desecrating the Rectums of Vomit Angels3:05-0
17.Vomitous Orgy of Mutilated Catholic School Girls3:42-0
19.Resonated Corpse Maggots2:15-0
20.Humanity Inhaled1:59-0
21.Harvesting Mass Impalements1:52-0
22.Gorging Fecal Sluts1:49-0
23.Cannibulifanicatorian Iglbongitism1:55-0
25.Invokation of GoatSerpent Including Ritualistik ShitShedding3:21-0
26.Sinister Mauling of Pathetic Human Shit1:21-0
27.Hail Grimmfukked Enbilulugugal1:01-0
28.March of the GoatSodomy1:41-0
29.Violent Mass Grave Genocide3:27-0
30.Vomitous HellFucking of GoatLord Supreme1:32-0
31.Burning the Church of Lies1:10-0
32.Demonized BloodSpilling0:31-0
33.Join the Enbilulugugalian Mafia or Fucking Die!2:23-0
34.RagingDemonPlague from the FesteringPits of Western Samoa1:35-0

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