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Edenbridge - A Decade and a Half... the History So Far cover art

A Decade and a Half... the History So Far

GenresPower Metal, Symphonic Metal
LabelsSPV GmbH
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Submitted by level MetalMusic (2016-06-01)
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A Decade and a Half... the History So Far Information

Track listing (Songs)

Disc 1 - 1994-2002
1.History Part 1-0
2.Everflowing Stream (Cascade Rehearsal 1994)-0
3.History Part 2-0
4.Steps Towards the Bridge (Cascade Rehearsal 1994)-0
5.History Part 3-0
6.In the Rain (Cascade live in Vienna 1995)-0
7.History Part 4-0
8.History Part 5-0
9.Velvet Eyes of Dawn (Live in Linz 2000)-0
10.Wings of the Wind (Live in Linz 2000)-0
11.History Part 6-0
12.TV Coverage First Show Linz 2000-0
13.History Part 7-0
14.Midnight at Noon (Live in Verviers 2000)-0
15.History Part 8-0
16.History Part 9-0
17.The Palace (Live in Linz 2001)-0
18.History Part 10-0
19.Forever Shine On (Live in Busan, Korea 2002)-0
20.Into the Light (Live in Busan, Korea 2002)-0
21.Cheyenne Spirit (Live in Busan, Korea 2002)-0
22.Offstage Korea Part 1-0
23.Suspiria (Live in Seoul, Korea 2002)-0
24.Offstage Korea Part 2-0
25.Winter Winds (Live in Seoul, Korea 2002)-0
26.Sunrise in Eden/My Last Step Beyond (Live in Seoul, Korea 2002)-0
27.Offstage Korea Part 3-0
28.Cheyenne Spirit (Live in Seoul, Korea 2002)-0
29.End Credits-0
Disc 2 - 2002-2004
1.Forever Shine On (Spontaneous Acoustic Performance 2014)-0
2.History Part 11-0
3.Aphelion Studio Documentary 2002-0
4.History Part 12-0
5.The Magic of Angels Tour Documentary 2003-0
6.The Undiscovered Land (Live in Pratteln 2003)-0
7.Perennial Dreams (Live in Pratteln 2003)-0
8.Holy Fire (Live in Pratteln 2003)-0
9.The Final Curtain (Live in Vienna 2003)-0
10.TV Rock Show Nuremberg 2003-0
12.Interview Part 1-0
13.Perennial Dreams-0
14.Interview Part 2-0
15.The Final Curtain-0
16.Starlight Reverie-0
17.Summer Breeze Festival Documentary 2003-0
18.History Part 13-0
19.Moscow Documentary 2004-0
20.History Part 14-0
21.End Credits-0
Disc 3 - 2004-2005
1.Ascending (Live in Germany 2004)-0
2.The Undiscovered Land (Live in Germany 2004)-0
3.Skyward (Live in Germany 2004)-0
4.Holy Fire (Live in Germany 2004)-0
5.Fly On a Rainbow Dream (Live in Germany 2004)-0
6.Forever Shine On (Live in Germany 2004)-0
7.Starlight Reverie (Live in Germany 2004)-0
8.Perennial Dreams (Live in Germany 2004)-0
9.The Final Curtain (Live in Germany 2004)-0
10.Suspiria (Live in Germany 2004)-0
11.Arcana (Live in Germany 2004)-0
12.Sunrise in Eden/My Last Step Beyond (Live in Germany 2004)-0
13.Cheyenne Spirit (Live in Germany 2004)-0
14.Shine Studio Documentary 2004-0
15.Shine Tour Documentary 2005-0
16.No Pain for the Dead (Sabine perfoming with Angra)-0
17.History Part 15-0
18.End Credits-0
Disc 4 - 2007
1.Intro (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
2.Evermore (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
3.Terra Nova (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
4.Wild Chase (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
5.October Sky (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
6.For Your Eyes Only (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
7.The Undiscovered Land (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
8.Flame of Passion (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
9.Move Along Home (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
10.What You Leave Behind (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
11.Starlight Reverie (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
12.See You Fading Afar (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
13.On Top of the World (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
14.The Grand Design (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
15.Shine (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
16.Cheyenne Spirit (Live in Beijing 2007)-0
Disc 5 - 2006-2008
1.Asian Tour Documentary 2006/2007-0
2.Orchestra Recordings MyEarthDream 2007-0
3.Drum Recordings MyEarthDream 2007-0
4.Shadowplay (Live in Korea 2008)-0
5.Remember Me (Live in Korea 2008)-0
6.Offstage Korea Part 1-0
7.Undying Devotion (Live in Korea 2008)-0
8.Offstage Part 2-0
9.Paramount (Live in Korea 2008)-0
10.Offstage Part 3-0
11.Centennial Legend (Live in Korea 2008)-0
12.Wild Chase (Live in Korea 2008)-0
13.Shine (Live in Pratteln 2008)-0
14.Evermore (Live in Pratteln 2008)-0
15.Fallen from Grace (Live in Pratteln 2008)-0
16.MyEarthDream (Live in Pratteln 2008)-0
Disc 6 - 2010-2014
1.Higher Official Video Clip-0
2.Higher Making Of-0
3.Solitaire Album Trailer-0
4.Indonesian Radio Interview Jakarta 2010-0
5.The Bonding Orchestra Recordings-0
6.The Bonding 1st Album Teaser-0
7.Alight a New Tomorrow Official Video Clip-0
8.The Bonding Album Trailer-0
9.GO TV Interview 2013-0
10.The Force Within (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
11.Mystic River (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
12.Alight a New Tomorrow (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
13.Skyline's End (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
14.Shadowplay (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
15.The Invisible Force (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
16.Remember Me (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
17.Solitaire (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
18.Higher (Live in Czech Republic 2014)-0
19.End Credits-0
20.Fan Chapter-0

Line-up (members)

  • Sabine Edelsbacher : Vocals
  • Lanvall : Guitars, Keyboards
  • Dominik Sebastian : Guitars
  • Wolfgang Rothbauer : Bass
  • Max Pointner : Drums

Production staff / artist

  • Lanvall : Producer, Editing, Mixing, Mastering
  • Torsten Hartmann : Editing (Live In Germany 2004)
  • Andy Horn : Mixing (Live In Germany 2004), Mastering (Live In Germany 2004)
  • Jakob Grabmayr : Mixing (Live At Jump Guro Festival And In Pratteln 2008), Mastering (Live At Jump Guro Festival And In Pratteln 2008)
  • Günter Leitenbauer : Cover Art, Booklet Design
The 6 disc DVD package has a running time of approx. 9 hours, spanning over their entire career, starting from the very beginnings with the pre-band CASCADE to the present.
Apart from a lot of studio/tour documentaries and video clips, 3 full multi cam live concerts are included

Live in Germany 2004 (70 minutes)
Live in Beijing 2007 (90 minutes)
Live in Czech Republic 2014 (45 minutes, full HD)

as well as lengthy live features from

Busan Rock Festival Korea 2002
Seoul Korea 2002
Pratteln 2003
Jump Guro Festival Korea 2008
Pratteln 2008

and private video footage filmed during their shows and backstage, never seen before!

As a real special, Sabine and Lanvall reunited with former bass player Kurt Bednarsky and former guitar player Andreas Eibler in August 2014, to resume the early years of EDENBRIDGE's history. Captured with 3 cameras, the four share their thoughts about the early days and do a spontaneous acoustic performance of "Forever Shine On"!

Produced, edited, mixed and mastered at Farpoint Station Studio, Austria
Backstage Scenes filmed by Sabine Edelsbacher, Lanvall, Frank Pitters
Songs and clips used with kind permission from Steamhammer/SPV, Napalm Records, Angra, Tv3, Linz, Rock Show Nurember, GO TV

Edenbridge Discography

Album titleTypeRelease dateRatingVotesReviews
preview Studio 83.5 174
preview Studio 79.3 41
preview Studio 81.2 50
preview Live - 00
preview Studio 83.9 71
preview Studio 81.3 102
preview Studio 85 103
preview Live - 00
preview Studio 85.6 90
preview Studio 80 40
preview Studio 86.7 60
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