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Grotesque Goratorium - Disemboweled Gorific Feast

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Goregrind
LabelsDespise The Sun Records
Reviews :  0
Comments :  1
Total votes :  1
Rating :  75 / 100
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Grotesque Goratorium - Disemboweled Gorific Feast Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.A Mortician's Feast Pt. 1 - Gourmet Flesh Sorbet-0
2.Worming the Amputee - Fucking Defleshed Stumps-0
3.Headless Disgorgement - Decapitated and Ingested-0
4.Skinned and Cauterized - A Mangled Mess of Muscle and Bone-0
5.Drenched in Visceral Excretions and Excrement - Aftermath of Emasculation-0
6.A Mortician's Feast Pt. 2 - Human Hors d'ouerve-0
7.Enveloped in Putrified Orifice - Entangled in Entrails-0
8.Disseverment of Mortuary Remnants - Deceased, Defiled and Dissected-0
9.Cadaverous Gutting of a Foetal Form - The Splattered Progeny-0
10.Malformed and Bursting When Impregnated With Putridity-0
11.Grotesque Goratorium - Disemboweled Gorific Feast-0
12.Dilapidated Bowels - Impalement Induced Gut Eruption-0
13.To Molest Ones Own Art Pt.1 - Screwing the Slaughtered-0
14.Necrotic Vivisection - Dripping From the Entrails-0
15.Hacksaw Caesarian - Fetus Internally Castrated-0
16.Quagmire of Hacked and Rotting Mass-0
17.Butchering and Coursing Thru the Evisceration Fragments-0
18.To Molest Ones Own Art Pt. 2 - Primitive Perversity-0
19.Gangrenous Corpse Pile - Stenching Erosive Septic Meat-0
20.A Mortician's Feast Pt. 3 - Gruesome Slurp For Dessert-0
21.A Rotten Internal Decomposing Sewage Coagulation-0
22.Reservoir of Repugnance - The Dwelling of Deformity-0
23.Intestines With Innards - A Fetid Stew of Penetralia-0
24.Perpetual Hemoglobin Solidification Within Folded Flesh-0

Grotesque Goratorium - Disemboweled Gorific Feast Comments

level 17   75/100
고어그라인드의 짧고 강력한 블라스트 비트, 브루털리티한 보컬, 육중한 그루브의 슬램으로 듣는 재미가 솔솔하다.

Corpse Carving Discography

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▶  Grotesque Goratorium - Disemboweled Gorific FeastAlbum7510
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