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The Leviathan's Mandible - The Leviathan's Mandible / Kindergarten Hazing Ritual / Panspermia - Split

The Leviathan's Mandible / Kindergarten Hazing Ritual / Panspermia - Split

GenresExperimental Death Metal, Grindcore
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-07)
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The Leviathan's Mandible / Kindergarten Hazing Ritual / Panspermia - Split Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Kindergarten hazing ritual - Gritty Reboot of the Teletubbies0:54-0
2.Kindergarten hazing ritual - Duke Nukem For-Never Ever Ever Again0:53-0
3.Kindergarten hazing ritual - This Is Not a Cover of Throne of Rats0:41-0
4.Kindergarten hazing ritual - Ithink Ipood (M)ipants0:16-0
5.Kindergarten hazing ritual - Trolling in Real Life0:57-0
6.Kindergarten hazing ritual - Gratuitous Oral for Memory Devices0:28-0
7.Kindergarten hazing ritual - C'mon, Haven't You Kids Ever Heard of Pornogrind?1:03-0
8.Kindergarten hazing ritual - The Pie Is a Lie Too (Or What I Learned from Having a Suicidegirls Account)2:21-0
9.Kindergarten hazing ritual - Why You Won't Admit You Were a Weaboo Once1:35-0
10.Kindergarten hazing ritual - M.H.N.F.1:18-0
11.The Leviathan's Mandible - And the Children Became the Sloth3:04-0
12.The Leviathan's Mandible - M.O.A.B.0:48-0
13.The Leviathan's Mandible - Termites in Cellar Doors0:43-0
14.The Leviathan's Mandible - Synronize and Dehumanize0:37-0
15.The Leviathan's Mandible - Cock Slap the Vatican0:45-0
16.The Leviathan's Mandible - Faith Healer0:21-0
17.The Leviathan's Mandible - Home Is Where They Hang the Bodies0:32-0
18.The Leviathan's Mandible - Blessed Are the Sentinels Drenched in the Blood of Vermin1:03-0
19.The Leviathan's Mandible - The Truths You Don't Know Will One Day Destroy You4:20-0
20.Panspermia - Metamorphosis of Conciousness (The Bizarre Exorcism)4:12-0
21.Panspermia - Genetic Distortions and Lycanthropic Trances1:19-0
22.Panspermia - When Chemicals Melt Perspectives1:33-0
23.Panspermia - Weltenshunkrieg-Project W.V.W. (The Telepathic Lobotomy)5:03-0
24.Panspermia - Between Illusion and Truth0:08-0

Line-up (members)

  • Travis : Vocals
  • Fred : Guitars, Vocals
  • Jay : Drums
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