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The Leviathan's Mandible - Discography (2007-2012)

Discography (2007-2012)

GenresExperimental Death Metal, Grindcore
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-07)
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Discography (2007-2012) Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Constructs of a God Complex2:08-0
2.Advocation of Vanity1:31-0
4.The Real Hatfield and McCoys1:00-0
5.The Harlot Deliah2:28-0
8.Constructs of a God Complex2:18-0
9.The Harlot Deliah3:03-0
10.Verse 1 - The Dead Speak1:32-0
11.KIlla' Choppa's3:33-0
12.The PaleMan Cometh1:31-0
13.The Debilatating Defragmentation of the Human Subconscious3:02-0
14.Advocation of Vanity2:02-0
15.Verse 2 - The Eaters of the Dead2:41-0
17.A Virgin with Stockholm Syndrome2:05-0
18.Verse 3 - End to All the Flesh1:49-0
19.Dead Verses6:42-0
20.Verse 4 - The Totality of Decay3:24-0
21.The Aftermath3:49-0
22.The Eyes of the Leeches0:45-0
23.Straight Billed Death Driver0:08-0
24.She Wanted to Be a Suicide Girl, so She Killed Herself0:43-0
25.End Begins0:28-0
26.In the Recesses of Gods Shadow1:04-0
27.Zion, We Have Come to Burn (live)3:10-0
28.Man..The Dystopian Abomination1:16-0
29.And the Children Became the Sloth1:21-0
30.Baptized in Anal Leakage0:16-0
31.In Famine's Mouth0:33-0
32.Wolves in the House of the Absent Shepherd2:15-0
33.And the Children Became the Sloth3:04-0
35.Termites in Cellar Doors0:41-0
36.Synchonize and Dehumanize0:38-0
37.Cock Slap the Vatican0:42-0
38.Faith Healer0:21-0
39.Home Is Where They Hang the Bodies0:33-0
40.Blessed Are the Sentinels Drenched in the Blood of Vermin1:04-0
41.The Truths You Don't Know Will One Day Destroy You4:21-0
42.Intellectual Subjugation of the Human Bovine (live)2:42-0
43.Termites in Cellar Doors (live)0:53-0
44.Faith Healer (live)0:29-0
45.The Pecking Order (live)0:55-0
46.And the Children Became the Sloth (live)1:21-0
47.Blessed Are the Sentinels Drenched in the Blood of Vermin (live)1:13-0
48.In Famine's Mouth0:38-0
49.Plight of the Mealworms1:07-0
50.Nothing Changes Without a Body Count2:44-0
51.Man, the Dsytopian Abomination1:10-0
52.Home Is Where They Hang the Bodies0:43-0
54.Those Who Eat of Scorched Earth and Shit Out Human Remains2:23-0
Released on Robo! Robotica Records.

- Tracks 1-5 from the ‘Desolate Demo’
- Tracks 6-21 from the ‘Dead Verses’ full length
- Tracks 22-26 from the ‘Grinding Apocalypse Compilation 2012′
- Track 27 from a live recording session
- Tracks 28-32 from ‘Promo 2010′
- Tracks 33-41 from the ’3 Way Split with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual and Panspermia’
- Tracks 42-54 from ‘Noi ... See More

The Leviathan's Mandible Discography

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