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Retaliation - Exhuming the Past - 14 Years of Nothing cover art

Exhuming the Past - 14 Years of Nothing

LabelsSelfmadegod Records
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Submitted by level 김한별 (2008-02-12)
Last modified by level Besi Karat (2016-05-04)
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Exhuming the Past - 14 Years of Nothing Information

Track listing (Songs)

2.Nailgun Rectal Entry1:13-0
3.I, The Undertaker0:35-0
5.Disfigured Stillborn Intercourse0:38-0
6.The Misanthrope0:24-0
7.Dethrone the Dictator (BillSkinsFifth cover)0:39-0
8.Corrupted (BillSkinsFifth cover)0:30-0
10.Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis0:34-0
12.Basic Autopsy Procedure0:22-0
14.Congenital Porphyria0:45-0
15.Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis0:37-0
16.Lepromatous Leprocy0:12-0
18.Like Cancer on Society0:08-0
20.Born of Chaos0:24-0
22.Pray for War0:46-0
24.Path of the Derelict0:08-0
25.The Anti-Filanthrope0:30-0
26.9 mm0:06-0
27.Killing the World0:46-0
28.At the Cost of Mankind2:29-0
29.Who Gets Blamed?1:09-0
31.Slaves of Faith0:31-0
32.Jag Vägrar (Skitsystem cover)1:50-0
33.Black Malice (Holocaust remix)1:52-0
34.Genocide Angels0:48-0
35.All in Your Head0:48-0
36.Suicidal Disease0:11-0
37.Anorectic Epileptic0:28-0
38.No One Knows My Grave0:37-0
39.Sick of Complacence0:35-0
40.Black Malice1:02-0
42.Given a Reason0:12-0
44.Crushing Defeat0:34-0
45.War! War! War!0:27-0
47.Like Weeds (His Hero Is Gone cover)1:57-0
48.Another Dead Hero0:38-0
49.Last Stop0:54-0
50.The Rest of Me0:09-0
51.Return to Zero0:20-0
52.The Harsh Bitter Truth0:22-0
53.Time to Pray2:05-0
54.Unjustified Existense0:31-0
55.Sans Mercy (Outro)0:40-0
56.Second Nature0:51-0
58.Things Never Change0:22-0
59.En Död Mans Dom0:18-0
60.Fucked for Life0:42-0
61.All Is Lost0:44-0
62.Now What?0:10-0
63.Zero Tolerance1:04-0
64.Everything Is Wrong0:30-0
65.No Peace0:45-0
66.Grinding Black Massacre0:54-0
67.Witch Burning0:32-0
68.You Never Knew0:25-0
69.Salt Mine (Assück cover)1:19-0
70.Worlds Apart1:02-0
71.Boredom and Frustration0:06-0
72.Collapsing Lungs0:14-0
73.The One Who Left You1:18-0
74.Dedicated Rape0:39-0
75.A Piece of This1:11-0
76.Something Different0:30-0
77.Never Laid to Rest1:10-0
78.Depressions Encore0:46-0
79.Kiss of Steel0:08-0
80.Ejaculated Whore0:22-0
81.One Foot in the Grave0:06-0
82.Broken Dreams0:20-0
83.You're Fucked4:09-0
84.(Acrid Genital Spew demo - 13 songs)4:19-0
85.(Devastation Doctrine Dismemberment demo - 19 songs)6:36-0
A 115 song collection of everything the band has ever released except their "The Cost of Redemption" album and the bonus tracks off the vinyl version of "The Execution".

Note: the CD contains 115 songs, but actually only 85 tracks. What happens is that the 13 songs from the "Acrid Genital Spew" demo were all compiled in one single track (track 84) and the 19 songs from the "Devastating Doctrine Dismemberment" demo were all compiled in another single track (track 85). The names for the songs in those tracks are:

Acrid Genital Spew demo (track 84):

1. Scorched Vaginal Feast
2. Steaming Electrocution
3. Acrid Genital Spew
4. Pedophile
5. Vomit Birth
6. Retaliation on the Living
7. Squamous Vagina
8. Venereal Re-Infection
9. Expelling Pyorrhoea
10. Mucopurulent Fellatio
11. Avulsion of Alvus
12. Exalted Miscarriage Pt. 2
13. Festering Embryo Pt. 1

Devastation Doctrine Dismemberment demo (track 85):

1. Septic Vaginal Discharge
2. Morgue Intruder
3. Severe Proctological Disembowelment
4. Corpse Disorder
5. Doctrine Dismemberment
6. Child Abuse
7. Semi-Digested Tumor
8. Deviant
9. Necrotic Gizzard Engulfer
10. Hunting Humans
11. Ghoulish Morgue Staff
12. Severed Head
13. Under This Mortal Soil
14. Massive Molestation
15. Exploding Face
16. Formaldehyde Burial
17. Skeletonized Remains
18. Infant Bodybag
19. Mucous Semen

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