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Necrovomit / In League With Satan - NekroAlkoholik Abominations with Satan

NekroAlkoholik Abominations with Satan

GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsDeathrash Armageddon
Reviews :  0
Comments :  2
Total votes :  2
Rating :  85 / 100
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Submitted by level 10 The DEAD
Last modified by level 21 Eagles
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Necrovomit - NekroAlkoholik Abominations with Satan CD Photo by 똘복이
NekroAlkoholik Abominations with Satan Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Necrovomit - Aboration's Temple3:45-0
2.Necrovomit - Gates of Tortue2:19-0
3.Necrovomit - Morbid Affliction3:49-0
4.Necrovomit - Abolishment Chains2:54-0
5.Necrovomit - SatAnalChrist (Extended Goat Vers.)4:43-0
6.In League with Satan - Skullvoices1:40-0
7.In League with Satan - Crypt of Doomed3:28-0
8.In League with Satan - I Deny the Cult of Pregnant Slut3:02-0
9.In League with Satan - Infernal Wolflust2:12-0
10.In League with Satan - Entering into Esbath4:22-0
11.In League with Satan - Deathgods of the Deep1:58-0
12.In League with Satan - Shrine of the Self Destruction3:02-0

Line-up (members)

  • O.G.M. Goat : Bass
  • Bestial Torment of Evil : Drums
  • Necrolouder : Guitars
  • Necromolestor : Vocals, Guitars

NekroAlkoholik Abominations with Satan Comments

level 18   (80/100)
Necrovomit은 광폭하게 내달리는 가운데 트레몰로의 변화가 돋보이는 리프를 구사한다. In League with Satan보다는 좀더 다채로운 리프와 스래쉬적인 느낌이 강하다. 이바닥이 다 그렇겠지만 극악의 속도전을 일삼는 느낌으로 상당히 통쾌하고 시원한 느낌. In League with Satan의 경우는 좀 더 템포를 조절해가며 사운드를 풀어간다. 두 밴드 다 생각외로 깔끔하다.(2011.06.28)
Necrovomit - NekroAlkoholik Abominations with Satan CD Photo by 똘복이
level 10   (90/100)
8mm 필름으로 제작된 B급 공포영화를 본 느낌 정도? 투박하고 거친 느낌이 상당히 맘에 든다.
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