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Last Days Of Humanity - Rest in Gore 1989-2006 cover art

Rest in Gore 1989-2006

LabelsEye Of Terror Records
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Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-05-28)
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Rest in Gore 1989-2006 Information

Track listing (Songs)

Disc 1
1.Visible Stains Slashes & Marks Of Self-Disgust0:24-0
2.Infinitive Putrefaction In Progress0:47-0
3.In The Wards Of Large Scaled Decompositions0:32-0
4.Fragrant Facial Purulence0:35-0
5.Slithered Limbs0:41-0
6.Driven By Motivations Of Gracious Hatred0:40-0
7.Obscene Compulsion Towards Fecal Digestion1:40-0
8.Prefering Acidious Formats Of Discharche0:31-0
9.Multiple & Increased Lividious Layers Of Skin0:46-0
10.Suppurated Secretion Through Gestation0:27-0
11.Dysenteric Headless Investigation0:42-0
12.Deranged Bloody Autopsy0:54-0
13.Garbage Bag With Human Waste0:39-0
14.Crispy Between The Boils0:52-0
15.A Portion Of Pulpified Leftovers0:42-0
16.Dry Heaving On Blood0:35-0
17.Splatter Attack1:36-0
18.Drowning In Pus0:40-0
19.Whip Cream From Sperm1:05-0
20.Squashed Bodyparts0:44-0
21.Dragged Behind A Car By His Guts0:47-0
22.Kicked To Death1:30-0
23.Larval Infestation Down Your Lungs0:44-0
24.Ripping Teeth From The Jaw0:32-0
25.Mangled In A Shredder0:41-0
26.Piss Fed Fungus1:07-0
27.Rigor Mortis In A Frozen Body0:52-0
28.Cataleptic Liver Explosion0:38-0
29.Congenital Deformities Sprung From A Pussy Womb0:42-0
30.Lacerated Cunt Incision1:15-0
31.Autopsicated Fecal Reunion0:29-0
32.Slithered Limbs1:48-0
33.Gruesome Face Decapitation0:39-0
34.Fermented Gut Burst0:48-0
35.Sounds Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Arounf Your Coffin0:13-0
36.Rusty Razor In A Molding Corpse1:21-0
37.Taste Of Vomiting Maggots2:24-0
38.Infested Torso Down A Shallow Grave0:48-0
39.Morbid Phallus Grinder1:25-0
40.Raped, Killed And Sodomized0:49-0
41.Mummification By A Septic Tank1:39-0
42.Decrepitated Regurgitations In Foetal Leprosy2:16-0
43.Exposed Mangled Orifice1:47-0
44.Chopped Up Face Beyond Recognition1:27-0
45.Cyst Eather Written-by [Uncredited] – Regurgitate2:14-0
46.Gushing Guts Disseminate From Festered Fungus Organs0:44-0
47.Fantasibilder Written-by [Uncredited] – Nasum0:52-0
48.The Ecstasy Of Swallowing Torso Faeces1:31-0
49.Effective Impalement Of Injected Bodies1:49-0
50.Necrotic Eruption1:06-0
51.Carnal Trash0:55-0
52.Excremental Carnage1:09-0
53.Excremental Mess Of Faecal Putrilage1:49-0
54.138 Minutes Body Disposal1:06-0
55.The End Of Love1:45-0
56.Grime Collection Of Body Parts1:52-0
57.Revenge Of The Scabby Man Written-by [Uncredited] – Impetigo2:13-0
58.Decrepitated Regurgitations In Foetal Leprosy2:59-0
59.Postmortem Transformation0:47-0
60.Sickning Disembowelment1:18-0
61.Excruciating Flesh Hunger0:49-0
62.Experimenting On The Dead1:08-0
63.Death Gallery Of Skull Fragments1:10-0
64.Exposed Mangled Orifice1:46-0
65.Malignant Blastoma1:33-0
66.Chopped Up Face Beyond Recognition1:29-0
67.Putrefactive Liquids3:24-0
Disc 2
1.Fungus Infected Genitals2:03-0
2.Erosed Intestinal Purulency0:34-0
3.The Bitch Doesn'T Need To Be Slitched1:29-0
4.Choked In Anal Mange1:37-0
5.The Ecstasy Of Swallowing Torso Faeces1:45-0
6.Effective Impalement Of Injected Bodies1:44-0
7.Decomposing Sexual Aberration1:05-0
8.Lugubrious Genital Miss Creation2:00-0
9.48th Cut1:10-0
10.Rectal Bowel Inquisition1:37-0
11.Catering From The Womb1:57-0
12.Raped In The Back Of A Van2:25-0
13.The Taste Of Festering Vomit1:27-0
14.Blood Shower1:21-0
15.Orgasmic Abortion1:51-0
16.From Flesh To Liquid Mess1:09-0
17.Wide Open Wounds On A Disfigured Corpse0:47-0
18.Stirred Intestines1:12-0
19.Purulent Odour In Stoma1:01-0
20.Rancid Tumour Execration1:41-0
21.Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuration1:13-0
22.Wet Remains0:44-0
23.Acute Palatable Heamorrhage1:38-0
24.Festering Cadavers1:09-0
25.Ulcerated Offal0:53-0
26 Carnal Trash (1:40)
27.Infected Excremental Slush1:17-0
28.Defleshed By Flies2:00-0
29.Born To Murder The World1:10-0
30.Necrotic Eruption1:08-0
31.Septic Convulsion1:36-0
32.A Reeking Pile Of Septic Brain Fluid1:38-0
33.Intro + Blood Splattered Chainsaw Slaughter3:12-0
35.Pathological Dreams0:29-0
36.Slithered Limbs + Outro2:27-0
37.Pro-Rectal Fermentation2:47-0
38.Slithered Limbs2:30-0
39.Septic Convulsion3:52-0
40.Human Atrocity1:43-0
41.Church Of Lies0:39-0
42.Sparkel Of Hope0:58-0
43.Eternal Darkness1:15-0
44.Games Of Mutilation0:24-0
45.Web Of Conspiracy1:57-0
46.When Reality Fades0:57-0
47.Army Of The Dead0:41-0
48.Hands Of Fade1:19-0
49.Last Days Of Humanity1:22-0
51.The End0:48-0
52.The Dawn Has Come0:20-0
53.Error Attempt0:53-0
54.Fuck Off And Die0:04-0
55.From The Sky0:04-0
57.Go Away0:11-0
59.Spirits From The Dead0:04-0
60.The End Of All0:07-0
61.Last Days Of Humanity0:25-0
Tracks 1-1 to 1-6: taken from "Putrefaction In Progress" CD 2006.
Tracks 1-7 to 1-10: taken from "In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions" MCD 2005.
Tracks 1-11 to 1-31: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity / Lymphatic Phlegm" Picture LP 2004.
Tracks 1-32 to 1-35: taken from "The Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Faces" CD 2004.
Tracks 1-36 to 1-44: taken from "Dutch Assault" Compilation CD 2003.
Track 1-45: taken from "Comeback Of Goregods - Tribute To Regurgitate" CD 2001.
Track 1-46: previously unreleased track 2001.
Tracks 1-47 to 1-52: rerecorded tracks, previously unreleased 2001.
Tracks 1-53 to 1-56: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity / Stoma" MCD 2001.
Track 1-57: taken from "Wizards Of Gore - Tribute To Impetigo" CD 2000.
Tracks 1-58 to 1-67: previously unreleased tracks 2000.
Tracks 2-1 to 2-4: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity / Cock And Ball Torture" MCD 2000.
Tracks 2-5 to 2-8: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity / Morgue" 7" EP 1999.
Tracks 2-9 to 2-12: taken from "Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuration" CD 1999.
Tracks 2-13 to 2-24: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity / Murder Corporation" Unreleased LP 1998.
Tracks 2-25 to 2-28: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity / Rakitis" 7" EP 1996.
Tracks 2-29 to 2-32: taken from "The Sound Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin" CD 1996.
Tracks 2-33 to 2-36: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity / Confessions Of Obscurity" 7" EP 1995.
Tracks 2-37 to 2-39: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity / Vulgar Degenerate" 7" EP 1994.
Tracks 2-40 to 2-51: taken from "Human Atrocity" DEMO 1993.
Tracks 2-51 to 2-61: taken from "Last Days Of Humanity" demo 1992.

Released in a digipak.
Distributed by Bones Brigade.

Last Days Of Humanity Discography

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preview Studio 61.7 31
preview Studio 68.5 60
preview Live - 00
preview EP - 00
preview Studio 72.7 110
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