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Dark Funeral - 25 Years of Satanic Symphonies

25 Years of Satanic Symphonies

TypeBoxed set
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsCentury Media Records
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Dark Funeral - 25 Years of Satanic Symphonies CD Photo by Zyklus
25 Years of Satanic Symphonies Information

Track listing (Songs)

CD 1 - In the Sign… / Dark Funeral
1.Open the Gates-0
2.Shadows Over Transylvania-0
3.My Dark Desires-0
4.In the Sign of the Horns-0
5.Equimanthorn (Bathory cover)-0
6.Call from the Grave (Bathory cover)-0
CD 2 - The Secrets of the Black Arts
1.The Dark Age Has Arrived-0
2.The Secrets of the Black Arts-0
3.My Dark Desires-0
4.The Dawn No More Rises-0
5.When Angels Forever Die-0
6.The Fire Eternal-0
7.Satan’s Mayhem-0
8.Shadows Over Transylvania-0
10.Satanic Blood (Von cover)-0
11.Dark Are the Paths to Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal)-0
CD 3 - The Secrets of the Black Arts (Unisound Version)
1.Shadows Over Transylvania-0
2.The Dawn No More Rises-0
3.The Secrets of the Black Arts-0
4.Satan’s Mayhem-0
6.My Dark Desires-0
7.Dark Are the Paths to Eternity-0
8.The Fire Eternal-0
CD 4 - Vobiscum Satanas
1.Ravenna Strigoi Mortii-0
2.Enriched By Evil-0
3.Thy Legions Come-0
4.Evil Prevail-0
5.Slava Satan-0
6.The Black Winged Horde-0
7.Vobiscum Satanas-0
8.Ineffable Kings of Darkness-0
CD 5 - Diabolis Interium / Teach Children to Worhsip Satan
1.The Arrival of Satan’s Empire-0
2.Hail Murder-0
3.Goddess of Sodomy-0
4.Diabolis Interium-0
5.An Apprentice of Satan-0
6.Thus I have Spoken-0
7.Armageddon Finally Comes-0
8.Heart of Ice-0
9.An Apprentice of Satan 2000-0
10.The Trial (King Diamond cover)-0
11.Dead Skin Mask (Slayer cover)-0
12.Remember the Fallen (Sodom cover)-0
13.Pagan Fears (Mayhem cover)-0
CD 6 - De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine
2.The Arrival of Satans Empire-0
3.An Apprentice of Satan-0
4.The Dawn No More Rises-0
5.Thy Legions Come-0
6.Hail Murder-0
7.Goddess of Sodomy-0
8.The Secrets of the Black Arts-0
9.Vobiscum Satanas-0
10.Shadows Over Transylvania-0
11.Open the Gates-0
12.Ineffable Kings of Darkness-0
13.Thus I Have Spoken-0
14.My Dark Desires-0
15.Armageddon Finally Comes-0
CD 7 - Attera Totus Sanctus
1.King Antichrist-0
2.666 Voices Inside-0
3.Attera Totus Sanctus-0
5.Atrum Regina-0
6.Angel Flesh Impaled-0
7.Feed On the Mortals-0
8.Final Ritual-0
9.Atrum Regina-0
10.Open the Gates-0
CD 8 - Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus
1.The End of Human Race-0
2.The Birth of the Vampiir-0
4.My Funeral-0
5.Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus-0
6.Demons of Five-0
7.Declaration of Hate-0
8.In My Dreams-0
9.My Latex Queen-0
CD 9 - Where Shadows Forever Reign
1.Unchain My Soul-0
2.As One We Shall Conquer-0
3.Beast Above Man-0
4.As I Ascend-0
5.Temple of Ahriman-0
6.The Eternal Eclipse-0
7.To Carve Another Wound-0
8.Nail Them to the Cross-0
9.Where Shadows Forever Reign-0
CD 10 - Live in Buenos Aires 2006
1.Intro (Live in Argentina 2006)-0
2.King Antichrist-0
3.Diabolis Interium-0
4.Ravenna Strigoi Mortii-0
5.The Arrival of Satan’s Empire-0
6.Open the Gates-0
7.Vobiscum Satanas-0
8.666 Voices Inside-0
9.The Secrets of the Black Arts-0
10.Attera Totus Sanctus-0
11.Hail Murder-0
12.Atrum Regina-0
13.My Dark Desires-0
14.An Apprentice of Satan-0

Production staff / artist

  • Necrolord : Artwork
Hand-numbered. 2000 copies.

"25 Years of Satanic Symphonies" contains all of the band's studio albums, live albums, and EPs.

The box also includes an exclusive flag (95 * 95 cm with artwork by Necrolord) and certificate.

The album’s LP-Boxset is strictly limited to 2000 numbered copies and will include a special triple Gatefold version with alternate cover artwork, LP-booklet, four art- ... See More

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