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TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHard Rock, Heavy Metal
LabelsSounds Marketing System Inc.
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組曲Xボンバー Information

Track listing (Songs)

2.宇宙の神秘 (不吉な前兆)4:00-0
5.戦い終わって (一時の平穏)1:06-0
6.迎撃 (アストロ・ファイター出撃)2:17-0
7.敗北 (地球軍の苦悩)1:11-0
9.ラミアとシロー (愛のテーマ、ラミアのテーマ)3:03-0
12.激戦 (Xボンバーの最後)2:10-0
14.決意 (ビッグ・ダイX合体)2:21-0
15.最後の戦い (ゲルマ戦艦の最後)1:41-0
16.ラミア昇天 (宇宙に平和が戻る)5:28-0

Line-up (members)

  • Kyoji Yamamoto : Guitars, Vocals
  • Mitsuhiro Saito : Guitars
  • Kenji Sano : Bass
  • Toshihiro Niimi : Drums

"Kumikyoku X Bomber"

1. Soldier in the Space
2. Uchū no Shinbi (Fukitsuna Zenchō)
3. Gelma Teikoku no Inbō
4. Gelma Senkan Arawaru
5. Tatakai Owatte (Ichiji no Heion)
6. Geigeki (Astro Fighter Shutsugeki)
7. Haiboku (Chikyūgun no Kunō)
8. X Bomber Hasshin
9. Ramia to Shiro (Ai no Tēma, Ramia no Tēma)
10. Nazo no Uchūsen
11. Shiro, Lee, Hercules no Shutsudō
12. Gekisen (X Bomber no Saigo)
13. Hitsū
14. Ketsui (Big Die X Gattai)
15. Saigo no Tatakai (Gelma Senkan no Saigo)
16. Ramia Shōten (Uchū ni Heiwa ga Modoru)
17. Ginga Hyōryū

X-Bomber is a marionette tokusatsu TV series. Created by manga master Go Nagai, the show, produced by Cosmo Productions and Jin Productions, aired on Fuji TV from October 4, 1980 to March 28, 1981, with a total of 26 episodes (counting the pre-series pilot episode).

The show's opening and ending theme songs ("Soldier in the Space" and "The Drifting Galaxy", respectively) were done by the Japanese pop-rock group, Bow Wow, while Kazutaka Tazaki (of Baja Revolution) and Nakayuki Sakuraba (of Adbaloon) provided additional music for the show.

The year is 2999 and the Earth is at peace following the Space Wars. The tranquility of the human race is ensured by Earth Defense Force (EDF). Shortly before the turn of the fourth millennium the peace is broken by the appearance of a gigantic alien battle cruiser. Powerless to defend itself, the EDF's Pluto base is completely destroyed and the evil Commander Makara reveals the same fate awaits the Earth unless the mysterious F-Zero-One is handed over to her.

Oblivious to the existence of F-Zero-One, and fearful of Makara's terrible retribution, the EDF presses into action a new and untested weapon, the X-Project from its hidden moon-base.

The series then follows the adventures of the crew of the X-Bomber as they discover the nature of the F-Zero-One and try to protect it from the increasingly desperate and unstable Makara and her demanding overlord, the "Imperial Master".

Bow Wow Discography

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