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Blood of the Nations

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsNuclear Blast
Ranked#30 for 2010 , #790 all-time
Reviews :  1
Comments :  18
Total votes :  19
Rating :  89.2 / 100
Have :  12
Want : 3
Submitted by level 18 퀴트린 (2010-06-27)
Last modified by level 21 Eagles (2018-02-11)
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Blood of the Nations Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Beat the Bastards5:23-0
2.Teutonic Terror5:12801
3.The Abyss6:52-0
4.Blood of the Nations5:36-0
5.Shades of Death7:30-0
6.Locked and Loaded4:27-0
7.Kill the Pain5:46-0
8.Rollin' Thunder4:53-0
10.New World Comin'4:49-0
11.No Shelter6:02-0
12.Bucketful of Hate5:11-0

Line-up (members)

  • Mark Tornillo : Vocals
  • Wolf Hoffmann : Guitars
  • Herman Frank : Guitars
  • Peter Baltes : Bass
  • Stefan Schwarzmann : Drums

Blood of the Nations Reviews

Reviewer :  level 1   (90/100)
Date : 
Did you ever not realize how hungry you really were until after you had the first bite of a nice, juicy steak? That's the experience a lot of listeners are going to have with Accept's latest album, "Blood Of The Nations."

In this case, you won't realize how hungry you were for the big riffs, choruses and solos that dominated Accept's early-'80s heyday until you hear the opening blast of "Beat The Bastards," which recalls the 1980s without sounding dated at all. It sets an almost impossible standard for the rest of the album to meet — but damned if the band doesn't give its all in trying to do so.

The elephant in the room, so to speak, is that there's a new guy behind the microphone. As far as replacement vocalists go, Mark Tornillo is more a "Ripper" Owens than a Blaze Bayley, if you catch my drift. He's got a terrific sound that will no doubt mesh well with Accept's back catalog on stage, while bringing his own touches to the new material. Only the most hardcore fans are going to listen to this album and decry the absence of Udo Dirkschneider. Besides, even though we've "lost" Udo, we've gained back guitarist Herman Frank, who, along with mainstay Wolf Hoffmann, tears it up on nearly every track.

In general, the songs that work best on the album are the faster tunes like "Beat The Bastards," which has an almost Motorhead-ish feel, and "Teutonic Terror," with its almost martial movement. "Locked And Loaded," "Rollin' Thunder" and "No Shelter" will all satisfy your need for speed quite well.

Sometimes, you've got to eat a little salad with your steak, and, in this case, that means a handful of slower tunes like the partly acoustic "Kill The Pain" and the more electric "Shades Of Death," which slow things up, but still give Tornillo a chance to show off some impressive vocal chops.

Andy Sneap, perhaps best known for his work on the last couple of Megadeth albums, is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers in metal. On this album, he manages to take the loud "gang choruses" so prevalent in the 1980s, and actually make them fit in a modern context. This album sounds spectacular.

With "Blood Of The Nations," Accept has created an album that's far more than acceptable — it's phenomenal. Whether you were a fan in the "Balls To The Wall" era, or are a newcomer to this band, you'll find much to love here.
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Blood of the Nations Comments

level 6   (90/100)
유튜브 떠돌다가 우연히 들었는데 상상이상으로 좋았다. 거진 10년 만에 액셉트를 들었는데, 우도 옹과는 다른 마크 옹의 목소리가 생각보다 듣기 편했고 화려하지는 않지만 투박하지 않고 적당히 거친 것이 귀를 자극했다. 우연히 발견한 보물 같은 느낌이다.
level   (75/100)
앨범 커버가 보여주듯 바뀐 보컬과 함께 ACCEPT의 부활 같은 앨범이지만,,, 나에게는 여전히 이전의 ACCEPT가 아쉬운 앨범. 그런데 사실 Mark Tornillo는 ACCEPT의 세번째 보컬아닌가???
level 6   (85/100)
런닝타임이 살짝 긴감이 있으나 좋은 앨범!!
level 17   (95/100)
podarené nápady, kvalitný nový spevák, ktorý dokáže zaspievať aj tvrdé songy, ale aj balady
level 6   (90/100)
Accept라는 밴드를 처음 알게해준 앨범. 첫 트랙을 듣고나서 마치 누가 뒤통수를 때린그런느낌? 헤비메탈에 대해서 이렇게 몸에서 전율이 일어난적은 없었던거 같다. Accept의 다른앨범도 필청해야될거 같은 느낌!
level 13   (95/100)
내한공연가서 목놓아 pandemic을 부르던게 엊그제같은데 이제야 코멘트를 쓴다. 오랜만에 맛보는 '정통' 헤비메탈이다.
level 10   (90/100)
정말 시원시원한 헤비메탈음반이다! 보컬도 맘에들고. 스트레스많이 받는날 듣기에 딱이다!
level 9   (90/100)
굉장히 시원시원하다. 허나 러닝타임의 압박을 버틸 수가 업ㅂ다!
level 6   (90/100)
시원시원한 헤비메탈! 말그대로 헤비메탈!
level   (90/100)
노인네들 끝장나네~~~
level 8   (88/100)
정말 신나고 무게있는 앨범이나...... 런닝타임이 너무 빡세게 압박한다
level 1   (90/100)
정통 헤비메탈의 화려한 부활!! 피가 끓는듯한 에너지로 가득한 메탈 넘버의 향연. 특히 1번곡 들으면 정말 개X끼를 때려주고 싶은 충동이... ㅎㅎ
level 2   (90/100)
UDO is no longer essential for Accept. Tornillo did fabulous job in this album. One of the best releases in 2010
level 12   (85/100)
아주 후끈후끈하다. 이런게 바로 헤비메탈이지~
level 4   (90/100)
세련된 파워메틀..good~!~~~!!
level 1   (86/100)
오! 작살앨범이다. 진정한 회춘이다 (트랙중 애절한 발라드 뽕작 Kill the Pain은 반칙이다 ^^: )
level 6   (88/100)
간만에 피끓게 만든 억셉트 앨범! 올해는 이거만 들어도 햄볶을듯.. 라센 ㄱㄱ
level 17   (90/100)
오랜만에 들어보는 억셉트표 화끈한 헤비메탈. 멜로디도 좋고, 바뀐 보컬도 개인적으론 맘에든다.

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