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Pagan Reign - Once Again CD Photo
Pagan Reign - Once Again CD Photo
preview  Pagan Reign  –  preview  Once Again (2018)
Format : CD
September 19, 2022
Pagan Reign - Once Again
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Album (2018)
TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPagan Black Metal
LabelsYarko Music Production
1. Stairway from Golden Svarga (2:40)
2. Return of Slavonian Gods (7:49)
3. Once Again (4:55)
4. On Fiery Simargl’s Wings (5:31)
5. Reborn (2:58)
6. The Will to Freedom (5:38)
7. Pagan Reign (5:56)
8. Light of Iriy (3:07)
9. The Dawn (4:23)
10. Where the Sun Rises (3:33)
11. To the End of Svarog’s Night (4:55)
12. Behind the Sunlight (3:11)
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Pagan Reign - Once Again CD Photo
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