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Korn - Untitled CD Photo
preview  Korn  –  preview  Untitled (2007)
Format : CD
September 1, 2019
Korn - Untitled
Rating :  75.7 / 100
Votes :  7
Album (2007)
TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Industrial Metal
LabelsVirgin Records
1. Intro (1:57)
2. Starting Over (4:02)
3. Bitch We Got a Problem (3:22)
4. Evolution (3:37)
5. Hold On (3:06)
6. Kiss (4:10)
7. Do What They Say (4:17)
8. Ever Be (4:48)
9. Love and Luxury (3:00)
10. Innocent Bystander (3:28)
11. Killing (3:36)
12. Hushabye (3:52)
13. I Will Protect You (5:29)

Deluxe edition bonus tracks
14. Sing Sorrow (4:35)
15. Overture or Obituary (3:02)

Enhanced edition bonus track
14. Haze (2:48)
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