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Fleurety - Inquietum CD Photo
preview  Fleurety  –  preview  Inquietum (2017)  [Compilation]
Format : CD
August 27, 2020
Fleurety - Inquietum
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Album (2017)
1. Descent into Darkness (5:53)
2. Choirs (1:55)
3. Absence (4:16)
4. Summon the Beasts (3:24)
5. Animal of the City (3:35)
6. Degenerate Machine (6:33)
7. It's When You're Cold (6:02)
8. Consensus (6:16)
9. Carnal Nations (6:06)
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Fleurety - Inquietum CD Photo
Fleurety - Inquietum CD Photo
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