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a.k.a.Aek Gwi
Formed2009, Seoul
GenresBlack Metal, Doom Metal, Dark Ambient
LabelsZero Dimensional Records, Psychedelic Lotus Order
Years active2009-present

Line-up (members)

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Album Photos  (6)
凶夢 (Hideous Dreams) photo by
靈樹林 (Forest of Ghost) photo by
凶夢 (Hideous Dreams) photo by 똘복이
凶夢 (Hideous Dreams) photo by rag911
靈樹林 (Forest of Ghost) photo by 똘복이
凶夢 (Hideous Dreams) photo by 똘복이

厄鬼 Discography

Album title Lyrics Type Release date Rating Votes Reviews
preview Demo 80 10
preview CollectionWish List Split 72.5 21
厄鬼 - 靈樹林 (Forest of Ghost) preview CollectionWish List Studio 93 51
preview Single - 00
preview CollectionWish List Split 85 11
preview CollectionWish List Split - 00
厄鬼 - 凶夢 (Hideous Dreams) preview CollectionWish List Studio 94.3 71
Additional notes
The Romanized band name is Aek Gwi.
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