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[Song Lyrics] Xentrix - Questions

Xentrix - For Whose Advantage cover art
Band Xentrix
AlbumFor Whose Advantage
Release date1990
GenresThrash Metal
Running time43:11
Reviews : 0
Comments : 2

Total votes : 2
Rating : 90

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Lyrics X Xentrix Lyrics (43) For Whose Advantage Lyrics (9) Questions Lyrics
Submitted by Sathanas (2011-05-28)
1. Questions (5:09)
It's everything we do while we're here
A fear or a thought, a feeling or a dream
Touch it and taste it, breathe it all in
Say what you feel, things aren't what they seem
Why live, why breathe,
Why breed, why die?
These questions all tied up inside
It's all or nothing or what you make it
A prize or a secret, Which path do you take
Decisions and gambles, a goal to be scored
Risks and lies we all make mistakes
Why live, why breathe,
Why breed, why die?
These questions all tied up inside
Thoughts without pictures
Looks without seeing
Words without reason
Touch without feeling
Life is your reward
Not to be ignored
Why ask the questions when there's no answer?
Why play the game when there's no way to win?
Why ask the questions when there's no answers?
Why seek the truth when the truth is within?
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