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[Album Lyrics] Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows

Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows
Band Omnium Gatherum
AlbumNew World Shadows
Release date2011-02-04
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Running time51:56
Reviews : 3
Comments : 111

Total votes : 114
Rating : 93.4

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Lyrics O Omnium Gatherum Lyrics (69) New World Shadows Lyrics (8)
1. Everfields (9:17)
2. Ego (4:07)
3. New World Shadows (6:00)
4. Soul Journeys (4:54)
5. Nova Flame (4:10)
6. An Infinite Mind (5:43)
7. Watcher Of The Skies (4:17)
8. The Distance (3:59)
9. Deep Cold (9:29)
Submitted by Zyklus (2011-02-17)
1. Everfields (9:17)
An open sight to embrace
mornings and evenings
The night
holds no secrets here
and the day has no number

Oh yes
I do feel sad
and I am glad to see a shadow
here on a path

I hear it
I see it
I taste it
the perfume is in the air
I was never here
nor did I ever leave
and the walking oh the walking
my feet were tired
and my soul was half a way
to a shadow

Where was my heart
I left it all alone
Here is my heart
it was gone for far too long
2. Ego (4:07)
Let it be
set it free
or could it be
every time a scream
what lays clean
stays in being
see what I mean
is what I see
and what I see
is indeed
for the deed is to be

Will you do it?

Fabulous and ridiculous
spells and mist
but what indeed is real to us
living on
staying strong
someday you're gone
moved on
and the spiral has been done

let it be
set it free
could it be
you are free
3. New World Shadows (6:00)
Fallen we see
the memories echoing here
and the days
how they long to be

You are programmed not to play
but to die

How beautiful today
it is raining again
and there is no need
to wait for the end

Come and see
as the shadows dance
to tame a land
4. Soul Journeys (4:54)
in front of a house
a blind sacred standing
He sees clearly
that a way to float is not to escape
pain a constant in every move

And one refuses
ceases to feel
his eyes are not in pair
He sees clearly
that a way to float is not to escape
pain a constant in every move

Walk with wind
down a road
to hear a sound
to burn out loud
in silence
for everyone's sake
for everyone
Everyone is awake
5. Nova Flame (4:10)
First law is to be
second has eyes to see
Third one is filled with mystery

How many do you need
and what is necessary
call upon the first and the last
everyone around the golden

Four roads from four corners
it defines a man
six somehow has everyone talking

Can you let go
of all the trouble in the world
let it go
6. An Infinite Mind (5:43)
Nothing wrong with waiting
to sit down and relax
the beautiful space
in a quiet place
there is nothing wrong with saying
the right amount of words

For everyone who understands
summer sun and wider sands

And weary is
what you make of it
our work-a-day lives
are part of it
patience is the key
just set yourself in motion
set yourself free
7. Watcher Of The Skies (4:17)
8. The Distance (3:59)
You better
count your days
walk the path of the clearest fear
You better
map your ways
hold the wrath
concentrate my dear

-the eye of light
is opening tonight-

Something old
and some new
from the ache of being
you reach for the blue
join the clan
share the dance
know the others
with the plan

-the eye of light
is opening tonight-

A lot of grief
oh so much joy
ten thousand screams in the void
as the fallen call
but the walls keep the secret
and you annoyed

-the eye of light
is opening tonight-

How far can you reach
do you see?
the shoreline
do you the distance
9. Deep Cold (9:29)
did you leave yourself
wandering around
a night bird sings
a song built in a dream
why let your heart only whisper

Is there really something wrong
a day in the deep
could carry a year
where was the beginning
and when was the end
my friend

And they pass by sound asleep
and all of the eyes are wide awake

"the summer wind
came blowing in
from across the sea"
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