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Shadow Gallery - Room V cover art

Room V

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Metal
LabelsInsideOut Music
Album rating :  90.1 / 100
Votes :  25
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Room V Lyrics

Submitted by level 이준기
1. Manhunt (2:09)
2. Comfort Me (6:52)
I look into your blue eyes deep pools I had no idea
I know hunted down from coast to coast
Circumstance prevailed it was hard on us both.
I've run hard, I'm so tired from the chase
So desperately I'm aching
The waning of the starlight
Embers turn to ash as I fade.

And now you're next to me
I beg you baby please don't go
End of the road for me
I'll just hold you close
Just hold you close
End of the mystery a gift from heaven on this day
Your touch to comfort me
Just comfort me

Your sheltering soul not a moment too soon
You're a sweet tourniquet
For my soul lies rife with open wounds
And yes I thought as I closed my eyes
I saw phantom apparitions dance
And are we really safe on our own
Or are they out there watching
Right now I don't want to care at all
Just like a silent song
Just reach out your hands and take hold
Take hold
When the limit of your pain
Exceeds the mercies of your love
It's time to cease and release and just fly

And now you've come to me
A sanctuary borne of love
Honest sincerity I'll just hold you close
Just hold you close
It's in the way you move
A phoenix risen on this day
Your touch to comfort me
Just comfort me

I disrobe my burdens and I lay them at your feet
So much about this world I'd just as soon they keep
Their faces melt reflections on the wind
Or are they out there watching
As time stands still this Christmas Day
3. The Andromeda Strain (6:47)
Lying by the dying flame
Drifting off to sleep
She drops the black leather journal
She's been clutching tight
She's a bio-engineer, hazard level four
She works the hot zone all the day

The demon seed smallpox weapons grade
Bought from Israeli intelligence
Gone rouge for a price
Decode the genome right down to the DNA
You break the code and you just might save the day

A serpent rising genetic weaponizing
There's a portent of pure evil lying out there in the dark
The hand of terror stands poised to ride out on the wind
Can we counter this undeserved hatred
Through our science and our research and the wisdom of our age
Or are we doomed to suffer at the hands of the Andromeda Strain?

Microscopic warfare the demon will retreat
From breakthrough after breakthrough
Using her own rare blood type the serum came to life
Time to publish and go clinical trial
But wait, a secret document sealed slipped through
A most insidious plot unfolds
Limited release to drive the need through the roof
The guaranteed supply secures the deal it's been approved
Assuring the quarter and the year

A serpent rising genetic weaponizing
What kind of twisted mind turns terror into cash
Sends the innocent to their death
You try to fight it but criminals united
Pharmaceutical injustice is a terror all its own
For want of power and love for the bottom line
They'll unleash the Andromeda Strain

A serpent rising genetic weaponizing
Script the sequence of the serum incorrectly to lead them on
Steal the formula destroy the seed and run
Need to fight back this undeserved terror
Through our science and our research and the cunning of our ways
Or we're sure to suffer at the hands
I'll disappear underground
Prepare to fight the next round
The Andromeda Strain
4. Vow (8:28)
Early morn I was up long before dawn
I watched you sleep
I counted every beat of your heart
Now we both know we'll never go back there again
Guilty as charged that's all

Fallen snow - cover me
Wash me pure - Hold me tight
What else is there left for you and for me?
The life we once held on to caught in a riptide out to sea

I left with innocent eyes to a nation so poor
I felt humanity cry from the ravage of war
I infiltrated the machine and it broke me in two
I wish for amnesty now and I find it in you
I make this vow

The road to this place under a thundering sky
It's a long walk to heaven
Lord knows I've tried
Just look around wind and snow and ice are all I see
Save for you my queen

Pounding rhythms
Distant footsteps
Echo fear
And drive my pain
I am crying out for love and for life eternal
I am witness
I've been purchased with blood
So many souls will burn out
The call requires an answer

I've chased material gain it's the emptiest dream
I've watched it turn back to dust and it don't mean a thing
The spirit found its way in and it changed my whole life
I'm offering you my hope with the gift of this light
Please take this vow

Let's pack away all our memories of home
Never look back
Certainly never return
Begin anew you and I and snow and ice
Will you surrender all your all to me?

And in the comfort of my arms both noble and strong
I'll guide you safely through the storms
I will make you my song
Remaining steady and true for the rest of your life
I offer you up my hand wanna make you my wife
Please take this vow
A passion purer than gold or the night's brightest star
My love for you only grows
It knows no earthly bounds
The time is right for us now just believe what I say
I take your hand in my hand
And I promise you the world
Promise you the world
Promise you the world
I make this vow
5. Birth of a Daughter (2:40)
6. Death of a Mother (2:16)
7. Lamentia (1:04)
And now you've gone away
I begged you baby please don't go
Away and leave me here
I am broken I am broken
And I know
Winter is bearing down
On wings of Angels so your soul
Is in the hands of God
My tears on the wind
8. Seven Years (3:37)
9. Dark (1:04)
10. Torn (8:23)
Broken window broken dreams, nothing but a trail of tears
Oh my God my little lady, where have they taken you - I never heard you scream

Strange how pain etches patterns on your heart
Just like frost grows on the window pain
And cold's no elixir, the fractals well veiled
My eyes gone black, they've pierced my hands and side

I've searched high and I've searched low, damn the motive I don't know
Another child torn from her father, where have they taken you - I'm praying for your soul

Show your face, tell me why it must be her
You faceless evil shake me to my core
And what do you do? With faith and belief
When tragedy buries me, buries me, buries me alive

Hold your hands up high, lift them toward the sky
When all I have - Is torn
Down down down, meet my pain tonight

Something wicked this way came, just ghosts and demons from my past
Are they trying to draw me out, vendictivly I'm recompensed - No shadow of a doubt

Hold your hands up high, lift them toward the sky
When all I have - Is torn
Down down down, meet my pain tonight

Somewhere out there lies a girl, stolen by a broken world
Can't escape my frozen past, shattered like a rock through glass
I'm Torn
11. The Archer of Ben Salem (7:28)
So I set out early morning
Through the forests deep and wide
I am vested and determined
To bring her back alive
As I knife my way through dense fog
In the silence of the field
Stands a soldier like a statue
With a cross bow strained at me

Don't move from my crosshairs I bring news from home
The deadly pox is in the wrong hands
But this I'm sure you know
Your wife's blood filled with secrets
Hand sequenced DNA
Attempts to recreate the serum
Have failed until today

My wife dead and buried and my daughter dragged away

Do you not find coincidental
That your two rare blood types are the same?
Intelligence from Israel found her here
Heavy with the blood pure child
They shot your wife with pox tipped blow dart, got that human trial underway

Your daughter carries plasma, essential to vaccine
Development required the sample
Her blood now holds the key, a grand scheme of deception for one world government
But rouge Mossad stole blood at her birth
So now we too hold the key

Outbreak around the world
Sets the stage the main event

Contingent on the bio terror
New World Order rises and it stays
A lone detachment of US Special Forces sends me here to set it right
You'll aid the underground rebellion, your country needs you for counterstrike
12. Encrypted (8:02)
I was taken to a town well hid
Back room of a library rather well equipped
Guarding stands the Archer outside my door
And through the pain
It strikes me strange what life prepares you for
Day and night I'm crafting
Sleepless as I shape encrypted lines, night after night

Serum formula code and key
Separated "Room V" and "Tyranny"
Hidden from the watchmen in plain view
From underground the word of mouth
Can spread what we must do
Synchronized and time aligned
De-ciphered serum spills into the world

You'd better worry better listen and take heed
There's a storm on the horizon
Clouds are black and deadly mean
Be on the watch so when the victims start to fall
You can harvest out a demon
When the plague begins we'll fight to win
Apply genetic sequence away

You'd better worry better listen and take heed
There's a storm on the horizon
Clouds are black and deadly mean
All you in labs in college all around the world
It won't be long until we're ready
And he took the disc and nod his head
And turned and walked away into the night
13. Room V (7:44)
Not long ago a plan was conceived where all could be revealed
Critical info delivered in secret, but kept out in plain sight

We're underground 'cause we have enlisted
Got data in our groove, yes, they gave us the guns
They made us the pilots, a battalion of six
Inside out it's all for one and one for all

Here we are, we're the band, we got your marching orders
It's in the music and the words that we sing
Sing along, sing out loud, and you'll join the answer
We will rock with the thunder of a thousand mighty horses

Bejing to New York City and everywhere between
Lies the heart of the good, the will of the people
Now shake your cages, shake your cages
In the fields - Now hear us. In the cities - Hear us
Bend don't break, you can ride out storms
It's time to fight or die, deliver us from evil
All around the world, you're not alone, we'll be right here
And coming to your home from Room V

Here we are, we're the band, we got your marching orders
It's in the music and the words that we sing
Sing along, sing out loud, and you'll join the answer
We will rock with the thunder of a thousand mighty horses
14. Rain (9:00)
Left on my own don't know where
I should begin to look it's involuntary instinct
Controls my every footstep, westward through haze
The voice of shadows whispers in my ears
Alaskan forests to the sea

Keeping all faith alive I fall into the rain
Let me go, let me go
Oh my soul drenched in the rain - the rain

I light two candles in the window of my mind
The wind that threatens I've no words left to describe
Resisting the fates
When mercy comes to shelter me
Over and over I am witness to the signs
Evil's more focused as we near the end of times
Praying so hard that your shelter comes to cover me

What kind of world is this that
It should come down to this oh
Each day the pressure building
In Biblical proportion
I've seen extremes from love to war
They both are walking here
And echoing prophetic song

Plagues and famine and hate
All fall into the rain, let it go, let it go
The whole world floods in the rain - the rain

We lose horizons they just vanish as we run
Chess moves in silence glacial patience under gun
The marching of time
When mercy comes to shelter me
Fragments of truth are out there blowing in the wind
I cry for loved ones and removal of the sting
I just can't let go
Your shelter comes to cover me

In desperation we make moves and never know
Their antidote is poison and my blood runs cold
Stoking the flames
When mercy comes to shelter me
You want the truth but do you want insanity?
Peering 'round corners paranoid calamity
Hold on to what's real
Your shelter comes to cover me

Finally in death do you become as once in life
Evil for evil do you pay the highest price
Just let it burn
When mercy comes to shelter me
My flesh and blood it's all that's left my heritage
From life to death to dust so through the woods I search
Complete disconnect
Your shelter comes to cover me
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