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Noeazy - Discrepancy cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMetalcore, Hardcore
Album rating :  81.8 / 100
Votes :  5
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Discrepancy Lyrics

Submitted by level Rousseau
1. A Stardust Tide (2:03)
2. Salvage (4:32)
Merciful dictators
Chosen ones who conquers
The incorruptible power that reign upon us, the savages
납작 엎드려 눈조차 마주치지 못하며 침묵속에 숨으면 편하지


and improvement

We see the illness
and we never repent

Feeble anarchy
People in discrepancy
All we roar when counting death tolls, the salvage
눈을 치뜨고 고개를 들어 주먹을 휘두르려는 순간 머리가 잘리더라도

Never lose your smile

Salvage yourself
Tonight, we are the nemesis

질서와 정의 중에서 넌 무엇을 택할것인가?

This dissension we face between what we need and we live for
The structure we hold has come to the time to be destroyed

We have shed so much blood
and we have shed skin and flesh
Life and death we stand in between
devoured humanity and no shit will be given

We're gonna take the power that we've never, ever had (we take it back)
we are the nemesis
3. Down With The King (4:08)
Deceivers and the expecters
Down with the king

그 곳엔 진실도 없고 거짓도 없었다
왕은 소리를 피해 땅 속으로 들어갔다
Revolution, required of those
Revolution, required of those

물을 끌어들여 잠재우려 했으나
그 물이 스며들어 왕의 숨을 막았다

한번의 선택에 모든것을 걸었던 자들은
그것이 자신의 목을 조르자 당황했다
그것마저 숙명이라 여긴 자들은
왕과 함께 장렬히 죽기를 택했다

Kill the authority
with no mercy
This night upon us
is what we've summoned
(Down with the king)

Let you inside you
wanting a sage king
who will rule your tiny world
(Down with the king)

Revolution, required of those
They needed revolution

After the great flood of the kingdom
I could see a stranger
who survived and made himself the new truth

and the expecters
Down with the king

Revolution, required of those
4. Hiss (3:32)
In the end, nothing remains

Have you ever noticed
people put on faces smoldering crumbled, shattered, and
somehow ironic wrath
on rotting field under
dying, decaying sun
where they step on and pray for the one they beg for

There's nothing like that

You see
only what you want to see
You won't be free
cause they won't set you free

What will you become?
What do you expect?
These wounds will not be healed

Have you ever noticed
the essence of life is buried
under the enthusiasm for certainty or destiny
of rotting field under
dying, decaying sun
where they step on and pray for the one they beg for

There's nothing like that


What will you become?
What do you expect?
What you will taste in the end
is bitter sarcasm

Please remember this one thing and keep in mind
A false belief leads to eternal deafness
5. Out Of The Line (3:52)
Your sincere agony between the good and evil
What side are you gonna stand
That anguish, which torments and consumes your soul

Fuck it

선은 왜 선이고, 악은 왜 악인가
애초에 선과 악이 왜 갈라졌는가
그 사이에서 혼란스러워 할것인가
아니면 그 선에서 벗어날 것인가

Destroy that one-dimensional thinking

Your sincere agony between the good and evil
What side are you gonna stand
That anguish, which torments and consumes your soul

Fuck it

The world is black
Come on
Get out of that fucking line

Every war
Every conflict
Every compromise
and every take-over

Everything is in a vicious cycle

The end is near
and the new beginning will come
6. Polymorphism (4:04)
My soul is polymorphous

Have you found yourself fitted in somewhere?
Your fierce, fractured, sticking out edges
and painstaking effort worth nothing
have been making yourself feel transparent

The dark side and the bright side
and the mediocre grey shades of yours
I did face mine
and you are facing yours

You want to end
this disorganization
You need to know
there's no termination

With the shadow of confusion
you run
Get in the shade of fusion
you'll be one
Feel the collective nature of your inside

You can be anything
Transform yourself
Choose your identity
that fits with what surrounds you

havoc the border
and nature
of your older

There's no denial
but only burial
I skipped over my various miseries
to save my identities

Sometimes I look back to look for
what I have become
I reshape myself to the surrounding
and disguise to manipulate

Feel the polymorphous nature of your inside
7. (Saliva) Dance (3:18)
It burns
And so shine
We're running round and round
Watching it happily
Lightning strikes
Seems to be done a long before

We dance

Your saliva flies like an umbilical cord
It's like hanging around me
Beginning to choke my neck
I fall

Like a discarded baby in ancient Sparta
Only the pitiful eyeballs rolling
Witnessing the smoke of venom

Which we've been spitting for the longest time

지옥에도 우릴 위한 자리는 없어
이곳에 머물러서 춤이나 춰
너의 타액이 흩날리고 있어
나의 목에 감겨서 내 숨을 졸라

정답을 찾아도
찾을 수 없을걸
눈에 못이 박히도록 봐라
눈에 못을 박아버리겠다

Watch the condemned faces around us
In hell there's no single space for us
no space for us

no single space for us

no single space for u, u, u, us

Saliva dance will never end
The end's always about to come
but never really comes

8. The Gathering (5:02)

Not a single word did they say
Not a tiny piece of reason could I see
What else would they pay
for giving up in horror and flee

Genocide of thoughts
Death for the infidels
We won't stop them
but watch them fall

부패 (부패)
타락 (타락)
신의 은총, 그것은 폭압 (폭압)
거짓속 그들은 해맑게 웃지

부패 (부패)
타락 (타락)
신의 은총, 그것은 폭압 (폭압)
망각속 우린 씁쓸히 웃지

Top of those, the concealed reign
the world under the name of equality
The holy cartel with a sublime mind
please lead us in this illusion of sanity

Holy anathema
Obey the power
There's no goddamn chance to chellange them because they got fuckin everything

Don't even lift up your frail eyes
There is no judgement
Since this is what he said, and they've got fuckin trust

In this night
We need to fight

You are not alone
United we stand
Against their fuckin con

워어 (We're gonna make this right)
워어 (We'll go on our way)
워어 (We'll struggle)
워어 (Doubt is the key)

A single thread of questioning is the cure for the deafness

너의 눈을 가리고 있는 그
장막을 걷어던지고 일어서
Jump into the sea of question,
never ending uncertainty
9. Last Statement (3:11)
Someday you'll see
the corruption of our spirit
A brave man cannot see the real darkness
because it's darkness
which we face everyday but never recognize
What's real is not real
Reality is behind the reality



or believe it doesn't exist

The essence is never seen
because it doesn't reflect
it only absorbs, it'll also absorbs you
Don't have to search it because it is always with you
The connection can be acheived only by removing one's eyes


only by retards, like me.

I open my eyes
I see nothin but you
from the reflection
Throw me stones and shout it to me

Everything's so hollow, empty inside
Try to reach the depth
Hear the sound of silence

Don't have to search it because it's always with you
The connection can be acheived only by removing one's eyes
10. Blindness (4:22)
시간을 섭취한
네 아집과 편협한 식견
더 넓고 높아진 시야
넌 내려다 보지

하지만 넌 암것도 아냐
나도 마찬가지야
공통적인 무지함속에
안뵈는걸 뵌다고 믿을 뿐

Time will show you such a little thing
You fell into blindness in time
Time will show you little thing
You fell into the blindness in time

눈떠 성숙하려 하지만
그렇게 쉽진 않지
죽음에 가까워 지면
깨닫는 것도 좀 있어

There's your death

What difference does it make?
A little bit of respect is all I've got

존중과 복종
넌 후자를 전자로 포장
촌충의 갈고리처럼
넌 세월에 매달린다

시간의 족쇄에 묶여진 네발목
갇힌채 아집에 목매고 죽는것
11. Forgotten Lives (6:16)
Our mere lives, our nameless souls

The flame inside my chest burns within the ring of brotherhood
All through the nest of the outrageous takeover, we ran to the woods
Divided and conquered, we are the forsaken
This pledge for the resistance shall never be mistaken

They deserve
Now you will face the mass demise

of rapture
Now you'll see the real terror

There's no time we can waste in vain
The intense wrath demands the bloodshed again
Sacrificing our body and soul
Soon we shall rise again

From this day you'll tremble in the real terror

Sometimes I think about the eyes of him without fear or doubt
Only partial success, he had to pass away, but there was no regret
Despite the pain of the torture and the sword stained with death, he resisted
The smell and heat of blood and smoke was all hope we have

March on, brothers, to the burning motherland
Rescue the compatriots wandering in misery
Vengeance roars in the deepest true heart of her men
Flowers will feed on the blood spurting from your artery

Our mere lives, our nameless souls
At last they will forget

No return, there is no going back, no retreat
With the hands bathed with blood, we shall fight till the end

Kill them all
We're the terror
12. Hidden Track (1:14)
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