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Name :  level cianotiko
Date :  2015-03-27 20:33
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Italian speed metal veterans Fallen Fucking Angels announce 4th album

NEROCROMO MUSIC and Invincible Records are proud to announce the 4th full length from Italian speed metal veterans Fallen Fucking Angels
“Sign Of The Razor” contains 8 brand new songs, along with a brilliant cover of “Snake Eyes”, from speed metal masters Razor.
The album produced by Alessandro Paolucci, Alessandro “Ovi” Sportelli and F.F.A., will be available on digital market in 2015, April 17th on every worldwide webstores, #iTunes, #Amazon, #Spotify, #Deezer, #Google #Music, #Nokia, #Emusic...and in limited edition CD through our partner Deathstorm Records.

The band F.F.A. (Fallen Fucking Angels) was born in 1997 with the will to play pure and raw heavy/speed metal, influenced by the style of legendary bands such as Exciter, Militia, Razor, Savage Grace, Metalucifer, Destructor, Anvil, Agent Steel etc. adding a NWOBHM touch, some euro-metal (Muro, Tankard, Mania, Solitaire, early Grave Digger) and a typical rock’n’roll attitude. The early demos (1999 / 2002) spread the name of the band in the Lucca area (north west of Tuscany) and in the early live shows, the early versions of songs like ‘Asskickers’, ‘Bombman’, Anticop’ were played. When the singer Luca “Fils” Cicero (now with Axevyper) joined FFA, the working for the first EP ‘Metal Against MTV’ began. The reviews received for this EP were good and only few months later the band released another demo-cd (‘Summer Holocaust’), in order to introduce the new guitarist Lord Kain (formerly with Ars Bellica). With this line up the band started playing live regularly and in 2005 was issued the first full-length ‘Fat Totalitarian Metal’.

At the end of 2005 F.F.A: split up, the drummer Filippo “The Butcher” Belli became the new vocalist and recruited new members for a brand new line up featuring Gianluca “Tera” Erra on bass and Stefano Giusti on guitars.
Another EP was issued to introduce the new line up, in early 2008 the second full-length was released (‘Everything Concernin’ Pork’) and the band took part to the first ‘Revenge Of True Metal’ festival, together with Onslaught, National Suicide, Baphomet’s Blood, Assedium, Warbringer and Torment.
Between 2008 and 2010 some more line up changes went on and the only official release was a song in split cd together with some other heavy metal bands from the Lucca area (Monolith, Axevyper, Twilight Zone and Scavenger), but the band went on playing some live shows in Tuscany and northern Italy and taking part to the second edition of ‘Play It Loud’ in Bologna, sharing the stage with Exciter, Jag Panzer, Jaguar, Bud Tribe, Wotan, Holy Martyr and many others.
At the end of 2010 two new members were added: the young guitar hero Alberto Moriani and an experienced bass player Leo Tomei (formerly with Tornado). This line up played for the first time at ‘Made In Hell’ festival in Livorno and printed a split 7” together with Ul Mik & Longobardeth. A video clip was shot for the song ‘Stopper’ (it was the Italian version of the song, ‘I’m The Stopper’).
In early 2012 the band began to work on the new album ‘Italian Restaurant’, issued in july 2012 and start again playing in Italy. In January 2013 guitar player Alberto Moriani left the band, replaced by Cristiano Pastechi and with this line up the band hit the stage for the first time in Genua supporting Italian heavy-black metal legends Mortuary Drape in april 2013. In the beginning of 2014 the last line up change with Cristian Angelini stepping in for Cristiano Pastechi as lead guitar player.
The new line up played a couple of summer festivals before enter Westlink Studios (Cascina – Pisa) to record the master of the new cd in September 2014.

F.F.A. line up 2014-2015
Filippo “Butch” Belli: Drums, lead & backing vocals
Leonardo Tomei Albiani Carli: Bass
Stefano Giusti: Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Lead Vocals in *& Backing Vocals
Cristian Angelini: Rhythm & Lead Guitars

Band: http://fallenfuckingangel.nlz.it
Label: http://music.nerocromo.com
Press bureau: http://dvlgator.nlz.it
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