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Releases : 33     Total votes : 114     Reviews : 11
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Formed1993, Gothenburg, Sweden
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
LabelsNapalm Records

Line-up (members)

  • Oscar Dronjak : Guitars (1993-)
  • Fredrik Larsson : Bass (1994-1997, 2007-)
  • Joacim Cans : Vocals (1996-)
  • Pontus Norgren : Guitars (2008-)

Former members

  • Johan Larsson : Bass (1993-1994)
  • Jesper Strömblad : Drums (1993-1997)
  • Niklas Sundin : Guitars (1993-1995)
  • Mikael Stanne : Vocals (1993-1996)
  • Glenn Ljungström : Guitars (1995-1997)
  • Magnus Rosén : Bass (1997-2007)
  • Patrik Räfling : Drums (1997-1999)
  • Stefan Elmgren : Guitars (1997-2008)
  • Anders Johansson : Drums (1999-2014)
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Album titleRankTypeRelease dateRatingVotesReviews
Glory to the Brave preview 2,951CollectionWish List Studio 76.8 163
preview CollectionWish List EP - 00
preview CollectionWish List EP - 00
Legacy of Kings preview 1,905CollectionWish List Studio 82.7 192
preview CollectionWish List EP - 00
Renegade preview 2,770CollectionWish List Studio 80.4 101
Crimson Thunder preview 1,195CollectionWish List Studio 88 121
preview CollectionWish List Live 85 10
Chapter V : Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken preview 1,815CollectionWish List Studio 84.8 131
Threshold preview 956CollectionWish List Studio 88.9 131
No Sacrifice, No Victory preview 1,420CollectionWish List Studio 86.7 132
Infected preview 2,874CollectionWish List Studio 79.6 100
(r)Evolution preview CollectionWish List Studio 83.3 30
Built to Last preview CollectionWish List Studio - 00


HammerFall Threshold promo_photo
HammerFall Threshold promo_photo
HammerFall Chapter V promo_photo
HammerFall Chapter V promo_photo

Top Songs

Song titleAlbum titleRatingVotes
1 Hearts On Fire preview (2002) 1002
2 Heeding the Call preview (1998) 1001
3 Legacy of Kings preview (1998) 1001
4 Let the Hammer Fall preview (1998) 1001
5 Back to Back (Pretty Maids cover) preview (1998) 1001
6 Renegade preview (2000) 92.52
7 Always Will Be preview (2000) 92.52
8 Any Means Necessary preview (2009) 951
9 Templars Of Steel preview (2000) 902
10 Hammerfall preview (1997) 902
11 Steel Meets Steel preview (1997) 902
12 The Way Of The Warrior preview (2000) 87.52
13 The Metal Age preview (1997) 87.52
14 Glory To The Brave preview (1997) 87.52
15 Legion preview (2009) 901
16 Bring The Hammer Down preview (2009) 901
17 At the End of the Rainbow preview (1998) 901
18 Riders of The Storm preview (2002) 901
19 A Legend Reborn preview (2000) 852
20 The Dragon Lies Bleeding preview (1997) 852
21 Keep The Flame Burning preview (2000) 82.52
22 Stone Cold preview (1997) 82.52
23 Something For The Ages preview (2009) 851
24 One Of A Kind preview (2009) 851
25 Living In Victory preview (2000) 802
26 The Champion preview (2000) 802
27 Destined For Glory preview (2000) 77.52
28 Raise The Hammer preview (2000) 77.52
29 Life Is Now preview (2009) 801
30 Punish And Enslave preview (2009) 801
1 2
Additional notes
After quitting Ceremonial Oath, Oscar Dronjak and Jesper Strömblad formed HammerFall with Niklas Sundin and Mikael Stanne, who are both members of Dark Tranquillity.

As they were all involved in other bands, HammerFall was relegated to be a side project for several years. Their concerts were limited mostly to a local music contest named Rockslaget.

In 1996, HammerFall reached the semi-finals of Rockslaget. Since vocalist Mikael Stanne was not going to be able to perform with the band on the semi-finals, through mutual friends, they got in contact with Joacim Cans, who agreed to play with them for the night. The concert was a success, despite the fact that the judges didn't qualify HammerFall for the finals. By the end of that day, Joacim had already been made an official member of the band.

In early 1997, German label Nuclear Blast Records approached HammerFall with a contract for a European release deal, which included four albums. Towards the end of 1997, "Glory to the Brave" was released in Japan and the United States. Sales of the album reached one hundred thousand copies. HammerFall were also nominated for the Swedish Grammy award in the Best Hard Rock act category.

Their first world tour took place in October 1998, after the release of "Legacy of Kings". During the shows in Sweden, Joacim Cans caught a serious throat infection which made it impossible for him to sing. Shortly afterwards, Magnus Rosén was afflicted with the same disease, and after him the whole of HammerFall's support crew became sick. The members of the band played for as long as possible and then were forced to postpone or cancel a few dates. By the end of that tour, drummer Patrik Räfling left the band, and Anders Johansson joined the band.

Following the release of "Renegade", the reviews were mostly positive, even though there was a consensus that the band's sound was remarkably different. A music video was made for the title track, and reached the top of the Swedish parade; the same soon happened with the album itself, which reached gold status with over forty thousand copies sold.

After releasing "Crimson Thunder", HammerFall's tour was brought to a sudden end when Oscar Dronjak suffered a motorcycle accident, breaking his left arm and sustaining several minor injuries. They were then left with no choice but to take a break.

Their 6th album, titled "Threshold", was released on October 20, 2006 and it went directly to a number 1 position on the Swedish charts.

On March 6, 2007, a statement was posted online at HammerFall's official website (and his own official website), that bassist Magnus Rosén would not be involved with the band anymore, stating that he was unhappy in the band and wanted to focus on other projects. He has since released a few solo albums that are comprised mostly of bass playing and also joined Tony Martin's band.
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