Each of the Days [Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore]


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Each of the Days - General

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Each of the Days

Each of the Days

Releases : 2     Total votes : 3     Reviews : 0

Submitted by 퀴트린 (2011-01-31)

Each of the Days logo

Band Each of the Days
Formed2009, Japan
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore
Line-up (members)
Norio : Vocals (Lost Eden (Jpn))
Totsu : Guitar
Philor : Guitar
Tama : Bass
Mako : Drums (Lost Eden (Jpn))
Yoshimi : Percussion

Each of the Days - Discography

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Album title Rank Type Release date Rating Votes Reviews Lyrics
Historical Sheep EP 2009 - 0 0 0
Sweet Carrion Studio 2011-03-09 77.7 3 0 0
Each of the Days Discography
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 Each of the Days
Sweet Carrion
 rating : 77.7  votes : 3
Carnival Is Forever
 rating : 93.3  votes : 11
Waltz of Lunatic Fringe
 rating : 87.3  votes : 10
Soldier of Fortune
 rating : 87.4  votes : 10
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