Eagleheart [Power Metal]


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Eagleheart - General

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Releases : 3     Total votes : 0     Reviews : 0

Submitted by 함초롬 (2012-02-14)

Last modified by Eagles (2012-02-14)

Eagleheart logo

Band Eagleheart
CountryCzech Republic
Formed2003, Czech Republic
GenresPower Metal
LabelsScarlet Records
Line-up (members)
Jiøí "Wagner" Fiala : Bass
Zdenìk "Smrt" Vémola : Drums
Michal Jankuliak : Guitars
Michal "Mike" Kùs : Guitars/Vocals
Vojta "Kai" Šimoník : Vocals

Eagleheart - Discography

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Album title Rank Type Release date Rating Votes Reviews Lyrics
Black Sun EP 2005 - 0 0 0
Moment of Life Studio 2008-03-10 - 0 0 0
Dreamtherapy Studio 2011-11-24 - 0 0 0
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