L' Âme Immortelle [Gothic Metal, Industrial metal]


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L' Âme Immortelle - General

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L' Âme Immortelle

L' Âme Immortelle

Releases : 3     Total votes : 0     Reviews : 0

Submitted by scared (2011-07-01)

L' Âme Immortelle logo

Band L' Âme Immortelle
Formed1996, Austria
GenresGothic Metal, Industrial metal
LabelsMOS Records, Supersonic, Trisol Music
Line-up (members)
Thomas Rainer – vocals
Sonja Kraushofer – vocals
Ashley Dayour – guitar (live only)
Francis – bass (live only)
Martin Parzer – keyboards (live only)
Markus Adamir – drums (live only)
Former members
Guests are included in each album

L' Âme Immortelle - Discography

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Album title Rank Type Release date Rating Votes Reviews Lyrics
Lieder die wie Wunden bluten Studio 1997 - 0 0 0
Wenn der Letzte Schatten Fällt Studio 1999 - 0 0 0
Momente Studio 2012-01-27 - 0 0 0
L' Âme Immortelle Discography
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