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Various Artists - Heavy Instrumentals Vol.01-28 cover art

Heavy Instrumentals Vol.01-28

Release date
GenresInstrumental Metal
LabelsE1 Entertainment
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Submitted by level hell yeah
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Heavy Instrumentals Vol.01-28 Information

Track listing (Songs)

Heavy Instrumentals Vol.01
1.Cod Of Perfection — Last Exit For The Lost-0
2.Accept — Drfting Away-0
3.Impending Doom — Love Has Risen-0
4.Arch Enemy — Hybrids Of Stel-0
5.Darkest Hour — Pathos-0
6.Lamb of God — Ashes Of The Wake-0
7.Metallica — Orion-0
8.Frewnd — Feast Of The Savges-0
9.Death Angel — The Ultra-Violence-0
10.Europe — Aphasia-0
11.Andromeda — Chameleon Carnval-0
12.Violator — Ordered To Thrash-0
13.Cannibal Corpse — From Skin to Liquid-0
14.Dream Theater — Stram of Consciosness-0
15.King Diaond — Insnity-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.02
1.Myra — Godspeed-0
2.Concerto Moon — Rain Forest-0
3.Unearth — Big Bear And The Hour Of Chaos-0
4.Hour Of Penance — Apotheosis-0
5.Rage — Unity-0
6.Yngwie J. Malmsteen — Trilogy Suite Op 5-0
7.Decrepit Birth — Of Genocide-0
8.Godsmack — The Oracle-0
9.Annihilator — Liquid Oval-0
10.Racer X — Viking Kong-0
11.Shadows Fall — The Great Collapse-0
12.Sepultura — Inquisition Symphony-0
13.Five Finger Death Punch — Canto 34-0
14.Eternal Lord — Amity-0
15.In Flames — Wayfaerer-0
16.Martyr Defiled — Archae-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.03
1.War Of Ages — Instrumental-0
2.Def Leppard — Switch 625-0
3.Stratovarius — Holy Light-0
4.All That Remains — Regret Not-0
5.Gojira — The Silver Cord-0
6.Circus Maximus — Sane No More-0
7.Darren Housholder — Pedal To The Metal-0
8.The Acacia Strain — Halcyon-0
9.Time Requiem — Brutal Mentor-0
10.Dark Age — Instrumental-0
11.Within the Ruins — Roads-0
12.Chimaira — Implements Of Destruction-0
13.Iron Mask — Morgana's Castle-0
14.Annotations Of An Autopsy — The Childsnatcher-0
15.Wig Wam — The Drop-0
16.Savatage — The Storm-0
17.At The Gates — Into The Dead Sky-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.04
1.Signum Regis — Renewal In The East-0
2.Iron Maiden — Transylvania-0
3.Kuni — Acoustic Piece-0
4.3 — Bramfatura-0
5.The Bridal Procession — Astronomical Dimensions-0
6.Becoming The Archetype — Night's Sorrow-0
7.Dream Theater — Hell's Kitchen-0
8.Dave Sharman — Pandora's Box-0
9.Warbringer — Nightmare Anatomy-0
10.Death — Cosmic Sea-0
11.Nightrage — Solus-0
12.Anvil — March Of The Crabs-0
13.Hammerfall — In Memoriam-0
14.Agent Steel — The Day At Guyana-0
15.Coroner — Nosferatu-0
16.Metallica — Suicide and Redemption-0
17.For The Fallen Dreams — Changes-0
18.Wuthering Heights — Bad Hobbits Die Hard-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.05
1.Krisiun — Serpents Spectres-0
2.Scorpions — Coast To Coast-0
3.Carcariass — Killing Process-0
4.Suidakra — Ar Nasc Fola-0
5.Denia — Savage Dance Of Lust-0
6.Engraved Disillusion — Epitaph-0
7.Metal Church — It's A Secret-0
8.Stone Sonic — Camel-0
9.Within the Ruins — Ataxia-0
10.Lord — Be My Guest-0
11.Hexen — Desolate Horizons-0
12.Fallin Time — Between Hope and Fear-0
13.Veil Of Maya — Pillars-0
14.Reflection — Perplexity-0
15.Azrael — El Guitarrista Sobre El Tejado-0
16.Grшnholm — Giant Step-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.06
1.Tool — Triad-0
2.Bagheera — Andante Concitato-0
3.Twilight — Legend-0
4.Dream Theater — Erotomania-0
5.Kiko Loureiro — Enfermo-0
6.Metallica — To Live Is To Die-0
7.Sardonyx — Ft. Drum-0
8.As I Lay Dying — Departed-0
9.HammerFall — Something For The Ages-0
10.Amberian Dawn — The Rivalry Between Good And Evil-0
11.Crow Black Sky — Our Path Disdained-0
12.Fireforce — Metal Rages On-0
13.End Is Near — The Inside Drama-0
14.Oceano — Depths-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.07
1.Moonshine — Regret-0
2.Running Wild — Final Gates-0
3.At Vance — No Speak-0
4.Disincarnate — Immemorial Dream-0
5.Burden Of Grief — Fields Of Salvation-0
6.3 — Lexicon Of Extremism-0
7.Timeless Hall — Sadness-0
8.Arida Vortex — Jack In The Box-0
9.Anachronaeon — A White Dove Flew Over The Prison Walls-0
10.Greenhouze — Snow On The Roof-0
11.Fight — Acid Test-0
12.Enslaved — Norvegr-0
13.Legenda Aurea — Instrumental-0
14.Annihilator — Catch The Wind-0
15.Slaughter — Prelude-0
16.Age Of Nemesis — Awaking Minds-0
17.Signum Regis — Roma Aeterna-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.08
Трек лист:
1.Fire — Annihilations-0
2.EH — Break Loose-0
3.Apocalypse — Crash!-0
4.Marty Friedman — Elixir-0
5.Gardenian — Netherworld-0
6.Cataract — Tonight We Dine In Hell-0
7.Last Tribe — Agadir-0
8.Killing Touch — Still Walking-0
9.Krisiun — Diableros-0
10.Candlemass — Black Candles-0
11.Gojira — Dawn-0
12.Racer X — Technical Difficulties-0
13.The Sword — March Of The Lor-0
14.Nasty Savage — Horizertical-0
15.Accept — Just By My Own-0
16.Deviant Syndrome — Liberation-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.09
1.Amarna Sky — Beneath The Seven Hators Gaze-0
2.Dark Tranquillity — Mine Is The Grandeur...-0
3.Ancient Dome — Gordian Knot-0
4.Constantine — Jihad-0
5.Abyzmal — The End Of Time-0
6.Moahni Moahna — Don't Try This At Home!-0
7.Omnium Gatherum — Watcher Of The Skies-0
8.Nocturnus — Outland-0
9.Narnia — Misty Morning-0
10.Axel Rudi Pell — Total Eclipse (Opus #2 Allegro E Andante)-0
11.Sepultura — Kaiowas-0
12.Hardline — 31-91-0
13.John Petrucci — Jaws of Life-0
14.Sieges Even — Mounting Castles in the blood red Sky-0
15.Whitechapel — Death Becomes Him-0
16.Royal Hunt — Martial Arts '92-0
17.Machinemade God — Butterfly Coma-0
18.Rival — Euthanasia-0
19.Fieldy — A Song For Chi-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.10
1.Soilwork — Entering The Angel Diabolique-0
2.In Flames — The Jester's Dance-0
3.Nile — Ruins-0
4.Leonardo — Renaissance Affair-0
5.Pagan's Mind — Coming Home-0
6.Twinspirits — Btr-0
7.Dismember — Phantoms (Of The Oath)-0
8.Falchion — Mayhem Machine-0
9.Korpliklaani — Pixies Dance-0
10.The Sword — The White Sea-0
11.Zergoth — Psychological Defense-0
12.Sun Red Sun — The Final Curtain-0
13.Racer X — Scarified-0
14.Marty Friedman — Forbidden City-0
15.Quo Vadis — Dream-0
16.Azrael — Sangre-0
17.Dave Sharman — Dragon Fly-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.11
1.Amoral — Random Words-0
2.Riverain — K-129-0
3.Shadows Fall — Lead Me Home-0
4.Trivium — The Crusade-0
5.Cacophony — Speed Metal Symphony-0
6.Avalanch — Apocalyptic Dream-0
7.Dokken — Back For The Attack-0
8.Morbid Angel — Desolate Ways-0
9.Warmen — Salieri Strikes Back-0
10.Stratovarius — Fire Dance-0
11.Holymarsh — Dissolved Memory-0
12.Equilibrium — Kurzes Epos-0
13.The Acacia Strain — The Behemoth-0
14.Labyrinth — Feel-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.12
1.Van Halen — Eruption-0
2.Code Of Perfection — Polka Beast Stampede-0
3.Destruction — Thrash Attack-0
4.Night Cloud — Defeated By The Innocents-0
5.Leatherwolf — Black Knight-0
6.Tommy Vitaly — Misanthropy-0
7.Picasso Trigger — After XII-0
8.Apocalypse — Dark Sword-0
9.Opeth — Epilogue-0
10.Testament — Confusion Fusion-0
11.Liesegang White — Old Father Time-0
12.Wildpath — Nyx Secret-0
13.Oracle Sun — Riding The Sun-0
14.Sentenced — Mourn-0
15.James Murphy — Convergence-0
16.Spherc Universe Experience — Black Materia-0
17.Divinefire — Cryptic Passages-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.13
1.Axel Rudi Pell — Sphinx' Revenge-0
2.Glory — The Golden Egg-0
3.Anvil — Pussy Poison-0
4.Stratovarius — Metal Frenzy-0
5.Eyes Of Soul — Maelstrom-0
6.Ad Astra — 2.7 K-0
7.Inferi — The Warrior's Infinite Opus-0
8.Signum Regis — Mountain Haze-0
9.Sean Christopher — Life Goes On-0
10.Legenda Aurea — Purgatory-0
11.King Conquer — Return To Sender-0
12.Helloween — Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001 [In D-Doll]-0
13.David Shankle Group — Voice Of Authority-0
14.Firewind — Halcyon Days-0
15.The Lord Weird Slough Feg — Climax Of A Generation-0
16.Sonata Arctica — Revontulet-0
17.Blind Guardian — Beyond The Ice-0
18.Nomans Land — At The Odin's Feast-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.14
1.Power Quest — Battle Stations-0
2.Iron Mask — Secret Tunnel Of The King-0
3.Vinnie Moore — Saved By A Miracle-0
4.Soilwork — Centro De Predominio-0
5.Savatage — Silk And Steel-0
6.The Haunted — Demon Eyes-0
7.Karnivool — Scarabs-0
8.Overkill — R.I.P. (Undone)-0
9.Falkenbach — Gjallar-0
10.God Forbid — God's Last Gift-0
11.Stranger — Dedication To Stevie Ray-0
12.Mastercastle — Blue Diamond-0
13.Moonspell — Proliferation-0
14.Dark Tranquillity — Silence in the House of Tongues-0
15.Lamb Of God — Ashes Of The Wake-0
16.Metal Church — Merciless Onslaught-0
17.Impellitteri — Glory-0
18.Wuthering Heights — Battle of the Seasons-0
19.Dream Theater — Ytse Jam-0
20.Wolfchant — Growing Storms-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.15
1.Voyager — Sic Transit Gloria Mundi-0
2.Hamka — An End on Earth-0
3.Stride — Endeavor-0
4.Rusty Cooley — War Of The Angels-0
5.Firewind — The Fire And The Fury-0
6.Majestic Vanguard — The Angels Dance-0
7.Mind's Eye — Light Waves-0
8.When You Scream — Chant Of A Chainsaw-0
9.Machina — Lacrimalis-0
10.Sinergy — Born Unto Fire And Passion-0
11.JK Northrup — Metamorphosis-0
12.Avalanch — 9th Snake-0
13.Alter Bridge — Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad-0
14.Spheric Universe Experience — Burning Box Gala-0
15.Paul Gilbert — Jackhammer-0
16.Manowar — Today Is A Good Day To Die-0
17.Timesphere — Phantom's Sigh-0
18.Impellitteri — Halloween-0
19.Meshuggah — Acrid Placidity-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.16
1.Haunted — Dark Intentions-0
2.Narnia — The Light At The End Of The Tunnel-0
3.Sepultura — Kamaitachi-0
4.Shadows Fall — Casting Shade-0
5.Dominici — The Monster-0
6.Suidakra — Dead Man's Reel-0
7.Holymarsh — Cocytus-0
8.Metallica — The Call of Ktulu-0
9.Krabathor — Believe...-0
10.Pharaoh — Never Run-0
11.Eluveitie — Andro-0
12.Cirith Ungol — Return To Lankhmar-0
13.Borknagar — The Weight Of Wind-0
14.Zergoth — Ydurs-0
15.The Red Chord — He Was Dead When I Got There-0
16.Wig Wam — Things Money Can't Buy-0
17.Anvil — White Rhino-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.17
1.Hexen — Macrocosm-0
2.Adagio — Niflheim-0
3.Silver Lake — Break-0
4.Impellitteri — Race Into The Light-0
5.Jose Rubioґs Nova Era — Time-0
6.Czar — Tubman Gutletter-0
7.Armageddon — Moongate Climber-0
8.Extreme — Midnight Express-0
9.Chastisement — Joie de vivre-0
10.Timesailor — S.T.E.-0
11.Armory — Forged In Dragon Flames-0
12.Turisas — Katuman Kaiku-0
13.Savatage — Voyage-0
14.Annihilator — Schizos (Are Never Alone) Part III-0
15.Periphery — Far Out-0
16.Folkearth — Instrumental-0
17.Vinnie Moore — Meltdown-0
18.Ayreon — Chaos-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.18
1.Korpiklaani — Juokse Sina Humma-0
2.Metal Mike — Tonight We Ride-0
3.Iron Maiden — Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)-0
4.Lord Marshall — Oxygen-0
5.Beyond Fallen — Fields Of Honor-0
6.Malpractice — Triangular-0
7.Firewolfe — IceWizard-0
8.Amethyst — The Stone Of Tears-0
9.Introspeccion — Influenza-0
10.Jayce Landberg — Abduction-0
11.Burning The Masses — Tsar Bomb-0
12.Nocturnus — Outland-0
13.Equilibrium — Mana-0
14.Impellitteri — 17th Century Chicken Pickin'-0
15.Anvil — Flight Of The Bumble Beast-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.19
1.Sieges Even — The Roads To Iliad-0
2.All Shall Perish — From So Far Away-0
3.Mark Erskine — Distance-0
4.Warmen — Salieri Strikes Back-0
5.Paul Gilbert — The Jig-0
6.Taramis — Jigaboo Boogie-0
7.Pandaemonium — ...The Light-0
8.DGM — Flyin' Fantasy-0
9.LynchPilson — Cromanic-0
10.Elegy — Redemption-0
11.Glass Mind — Crepusculum Vehementis-0
12.Arachnes — Vivace-0
13.LeviWerstler — Obsidian Fissure-0
14.Mastercastle — Memories-0
15.Magic Kingdom — Black Magic Castle-0
16.Drakkar — Terminatoro-0
17.Eluveitie — Selton-0
18.Detonation — Lost Euphoria (Part III)-0
19.Angeli di Pietra — Anthem Of Conquest-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.20
1.James Williams — B17 Flying Fortress-0
2.Celso Machado — Chariots Of Fire-0
3.Niels Veljyt — Rain-0
4.Adrian Weiss — Egyptian Inion-0
5.Dragomir Draganov — Summer Sunrise-0
6.Joop Wolters — Renegade Robots-0
7.Max Karon — Ecdysis-0
8.Marco Sfogli — Remarcoble-0
9.Dan Johansen — Life Systems (Regenerated)-0
10.Joel Gregoire — Deranged Kids Of The Electric Playground-0
11.Carina Alfie — Your Own Voice-0
12.Kevin M. Buck — Burning Of The Witch-0
13.Fabrizio Leo — Welcome To The Mummy's Museum-0
14.John 5 — The Hill Of The Seven Jackals-0
15.Edrie Hashim — Sakti-0
16.Robert Rodrigo — They Call It Stage Renting-0
17.Rick Renstrom — Until The Bitter End-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.21
1.JK Northrup — Black Moon-0
2.Mehtnakriss — No Rest For Me-0
3.Waldheim — Memories Of Fate-0
4.End Is Near — The Inside Drama-0
5.Sorizon — Earth War I-0
6.Royal Hunt — SK 983-0
7.Black Tusk — Resistor-0
8.Darkness Ablaze — Interlude-0
9.Arida Vortex — Alienation-0
10.Def Leppard — Disintegrate-0
11.Zeno — Sunset Birds Flying Home (Celestial Touchdown)-0
12.Nodes of Ranvier — Number Four-0
13.Quo Vadis — The Day The Universe Changed-0
14.Jose Rubioґs Nova Era — On The Road-0
15.Inexist — Instrumental-0
16.Inborn Suffering — The Affliction Corridor.-0
17.The Faceless — Akeldama-0
18.Titans Eve — A Wound That Never Heals-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.22
1.Secret Sphere — Portrait Of A Dying Heart-0
2.Hate Eternal — Faceless One-0
3.Czar — Cun-0
4.Circus Maximus — Biosfear-0
5.Dim Mak — Through The Rivers Of Pestilence-0
6.Six Minute Century — Guitar Concierto-0
7.Apvth — Valley Of Kings-0
8.Satyricon — Requiem Of Slaves-0
9.Absolute Steel — Opus Suite-0
10.Alas — Longing For Destiny-0
11.Steel Attack — The Furious Spirit Of Death-0
12.Gutrix — Bolivian Mountains-0
13.Blind Guardian — Gandalf's Rebirth-0
14.Stride — Ion Drive-0
15.Anthrax — Across The River-0
16.Spellbound — Dolphin Song-0
17.Falkenbach — Baldurs Tod-0
18.Vulvagun — Heart Of The Mountain-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.23
1.Kamelot — Creation-0
2.Faith No More — Woodpecker From Mars-0
3.Guitar Heroes — Fat Batman-0
4.Bay Leaf — Part IV KV5-0
5.Falchion — Desert Breeze-0
6.Bring Me The Horizon — Fifteen Fathoms Counting-0
7.Nightwish — Moondance-0
8.Roswell Six — Battleground-0
9.Meshuggah — Obsidian-0
10.Ricochet — Disobedience-0
11.Chuck Carr — Hell On Wheels-0
12.Torben Enevolden — Heavy Persuasion-0
13.Wretched — Beyond the Gate, Pt. 2-0
14.Amarna Sky — Temple Of Iconoclast-0
15.Taketh — Silence-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.24
1.Ghost — Genesis-0
2.Ark Storm — Roar Of The Pharapoh-0
3.Trouble — Endtime-0
4.Logical Riddle — Once-0
5.Evile — Hundred Wrathful Deities-0
6.Gaia Epicus — Ode To The Past-0
7.Cannibal Corpse — Relentless Beating-0
8.Coroner — Arc-Lite-0
9.Impellitteri — Texas Nuclear Fire-0
10.Accomplice — Last Hurrah-0
11.Feinstein — Inferno-0
12.Dark Angel — Cauterization-0
13.Golden Resurrection — Heavenly Metal-0
14.Annihilator — Crystal Ann-0
15.Yngwie Malmsteen — Arpeggios From Hell-0
16.Nuclear Assault — Game Over-0
17.At Vance — March Of The Dwarf-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.25
1.Prejudice Reborn — Song of the Petals-0
2.Warmen — The Evil That Warmen Do-0
3.Ascension — Orb Of The Moons-0
4.Ozzy Osbourne — Dee-0
5.Silver Seraph — Shadowland-0
6.e-ZUKA — Cold Army-0
7.Beyond Twilight — Closing The Circle-0
8.Guitar Heroes — Antz-0
9.HammerFall — Raise The Hammer-0
10.Flotsam And Jetsam — Flotzilla-0
11.Dimmu Borgir — Perfection Or Vanity-0
12.Wretched — VI The Exodus Of Autonomy-0
13.Stephan Forte — Prophecies Of Loki XXI-0
14.Carcariass — Threshold To Madness-0
15.Iced Earth — Solitude-0
16.Cynic — Textures-0
17.Kolter — Reflexions-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.26
1.Braveride — At The Village-0
2.Dreamscape — Final Dawn-0
3.Joop Wolters — Lost-0
4.Absolute Priority — 4 00 A.M.-0
5.Stratosphere — Rendezvous-0
6.Vision Divine — Forgotten Worlds-0
7.Titans Eve — A Wound That Never Heals-0
8.Pantommind — Mindtrip-0
9.Oceans Of Time — Quest For Mystery-0
10.Flor De Loto — Medusa-0
11.At The Gates — The Flames Of The End-0
12.Divinefire — Close To The Fire-0
13.Slaughter — Thinking Of June-0
14.Spheric Universe Experience — O.B.E.-0
15.Hidden In The Basement — .intro-0
16.Jeff Loomis — Mercurial (Feat. Marty Friedman)-0
17.Andy James — Vortex Mind-0
18.Mercyful Fate — Room Of Golden Ajr-0
19.Running Wild — Siberian Winter-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.27
1.Odd Crew — Eclipse-0
2.Ace Frehley — Fractured Mirror-0
3.Ur — Megaloceros-0
4.Sonic Mayhem — Operation Overlord-0
5.Space Odyssey — The House With A Hundred Windows-0
6.Liquid Rain — Colored Darkness-0
7.Lion`s Share — Just In Time To Be Late-0
8.Racer X — Y.R.O.-0
9.Symphony X — The Death Of BalanceLacrymosa-0
10.Axel Rudi Pell — Desert Fire-0
11.Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising F — Krakatau-0
12.Sodom — Tribute To Moby Dick-0
13.Joe Stump — Fire And Brimstone-0
14.Thousand Leaves — Blowing The Storm-0
15.Andreas Kisser — R.H.E.T.-0
16.Heathen — Guitarmony-0
Heavy Instrumentals Vol.28
1.Razormaze — Dawn Of The Shred-0
2.Arch Enemy — Stigmata-0
3.Mekong Delta — Moderato-0
4.Darkthrone — Accumulation Of Generalization-0
5.Infinite Translation — Impulsive Attack-0
6.Shadow Of The Colossus — Instrumental-0
7.Ease Of Disgust — Kaos-0
8.Tourniquet — K517-0
9.Eutanasia — The Ritual-0
10.Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force — Bite The Bullet-0
11.Silence — Nostalgia-0
12.Heretic — Pale Shelter-0
13.Wildpath — Underneath-0
14.Loudblast — To Bury An Empire-0
15.Majesty Of Revival — Masked Illusion-0
16.Galneryus — United Blood-0
17.Carcariass — Exulting Pain-0
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