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Exhumed - Platters of Splatter cover art

Platters of Splatter

Release date
GenresDeath Metal, Grindcore
LabelsRelapse Records
Running time3:40:51
Reviews :  0
Comments :  3
Total votes :  3
Rating :  72 / 100
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Submitted by level Death and Life
Last modified by level Besi Karat
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Track listing (Songs)

Disc 1
1.Horrendous Member Dismemberment2:21-0
2.Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Malignancy, Part II)4:05-0
3.Masochistic Copromania1:14-0
4.Necrovores: Decomposing the Inanimate2:46-0
5.Disinterred, Digested, and Debauched2:05-0
6.Bone Fucker2:32-0
7.The Naked and the Dead1:44-0
10.Dissecting the Caseated Omentum4:13-0
11.Death Metal (Possessed cover)2:59-0
14.Pus Grinder2:37-0
15.Torso 20002:23-0
16.Totally Fucking Dead2:11-0
17.Dead Again2:45-0
18.Gory Melanoma1:45-0
20.Indignities to the Dead2:22-0
22.Instruments of Hell1:50-0
23.Carneous Corneal Carbonization3:27-0
24.Blood and Alcohol0:55-0
25.Oozing Rectal Feast3:19-0
26.Outro: A Decrepit Denouement for the Disgustingly Deceased0:53-0
27.No Presents for Christmas (King Diamond cover)4:00-0
28.Cannibal Apocalypse (Impetigo cover)1:42-0
29.Exhume to Consume (Carcass cover)3:35-0
Disc 2
1.Intro: A Purulent Prelude to Putrescent Pyosisification0:45-0
2.Excreting Innards1:25-0
4.Grotesque Putrefied Brains2:10-0
5.The Exquisite Flavor of Gastro-Anal Tripe2:54-0
6.Sex, Drinks & Metal (Sarcófago cover)3:18-0
7.Radiator Bitch3:08-0
8.Excoriated, Emasculated, and Dead4:08-0
9.Quagmire of Flesh4:41-0
10.Puke of the Dead2:30-0
11.Carneous Corneal Carbonization3:35-0
13.Grotesque Putrefied Brains2:23-0
14.Pyathrotic Discorporation3:00-0
15.Excreting Innards1:34-0
16.Festering Sphinctral Malignancy3:46-0
17.Perverse Innard Infestation2:45-0
18.Coital Mutilation3:51-0
20.Disfigured Corpse0:05-0
21.Cadaveric Splatter Platter1:57-0
22.Caseating Decomposition3:36-0
23.Embryonic Regordation3:30-0
24.Oozing Rectal Feast3:11-0
25.Culinary Pathology4:45-0
27.Ziploc Bodybag2:56-0
Disc 3
1.Cadaveric Splatter Platter (different recording)1:59-0
2.The Exquisite Flavor of Gastro-Anal Tripe (different recording)2:54-0
3.Excreting Innards (different recording)1:36-0
4.The Pallor of Unliving Flesh2:33-0
5.Perverse Innard Infestation (different recording)2:45-0
6.Masterpieces (totally different arrangement)3:11-0
7.In My Human Slaughterhouse (demo of track from "Gore Metal")1:51-0
8.Deathmask (demo of track from "Gore Metal")2:38-0
9.Schizo (Venom cover)2:44-0
10.Interlude: A Cacophonous Crescendo of Cadaverous Crepitation2:21-0
11.Septicemia (live on the radio)4:07-0
12.Vagitarian (live on the radio)2:50-0
13.Necrovores: Decomposing the Inanimate (live on the radio)4:05-0
14.The Naked and the Dead (live on the radio)1:38-0
15.Enucleation (live on the radio)3:53-0
16.Bone Fucker (live on the radio)2:41-0
17.Rancid Fermenting Stench2:10-0
18.Lacerated and Molested Necro-Vagina3:12-0
19.Intercourse With a Limbless Cadaver ('93)3:45-0
20.Interlude: A Disgorged Dirge of Dire Detrunctation0:45-0
21.The Pallor of Unliving Flesh2:12-0
22.Bleeding Heap of Menstrual Carnage ('93)2:47-0
23.In the Throes of Ecstasy2:49-0
24.Sickening Colotomic Surgery2:19-0
25.Bleeding Heap of Menstrual Carnage ('96)2:45-0
26.Necro-Fornicator ('94)3:22-0
27.Intercourse With a Limbless Cadaver ('95)3:45-0
28.Material Girl (Madonna cover)4:04-0
Almost complete discography of early Exhumed. Disc 3 was a bonus CD limited to 1000 copies (now sold out).
Full name of the release is “Platters Of Splatter: A Cyclopedic Symposium Of Execrable Errata And Abhorrent Apocrypha 1992-2002”.

Name of 1st CD: “First Course: A rancid repast of the rotten, reaking, and wretched to rend and regurgitate… a catastrophic culinary cornucopia of crepitated cuts to cull, carve, and cannibalize”.
Name of 2nd CD: “A mordant meal of mucupurulent morsels and mouthfuls of meaty malignancy to masticate… a purulent platter of pyosisified putrescence to please the pathological pallete”.

The indicated tracks were originally deceased at the following locations:
Tracks 1-11: “In The Name Of Gore” Split CD with HEMDALE [Recorded 8/95]
Track 12: Bonus track on the limited edition of “Slaughtercult”, also featured on the Japanese version, “Slaughtercult… Fester Forever” [Recorded 6/00]
Track 13: Split 7” with SANITY’S DAWN, and then on the split 7” with GADGET [Recorded 3/00]
Track 14: Split 7” with SANITY’S DAWN [Recorded 3/00]
Track 15: Japanese version, “Slaugtercult… Fester Forever”, and then on the split 7” with GADGET [Recorded 6/00]
Tracks 16-17: “Totally Fucking Dead” split 7” with NYCTOPHOBIC [Recorded 5/98]
Tracks 18-19: “Tales Of The Exhumed” split 7” with RETALIATION [Recorded 5/98]
Tracks 20-21: “Indignities To The Dead” split 7” with PANTALONES ABAJO MERENERO [Recorded 8/97]
Tracks 22-23: “Instruments Of Hell” split 7” with NO COMPLY [Recorded 9/97]
Tracks 24-26: “Blood And Alcohol” split 7” with PALE EXISTENCE [Recorded 2/96]
Track 27: “Tribute To King Diamond” compilation [Recorded 3/00]
Track 28: “Wizards Of Gore: A Tribute To Impetigo” compilation, also featured on Japanese version, “Slaughtercult… Fester Forever” [Recorded 5/00]
Track 29: “Requiems Of Revulsion: A Tribute To Carcass” compilation, also featured on Japanese version, “Slaughtercult… Fester Forever” [Recorded 5/00]
Tracks 1-6: “Chords Of Chaos” 4 way split CD with EAR BLEEDING DISORDER, NECROSE, and EXCRETED ALIVE [Recorded 7/96]
Tracks 7-12: “Horrific Expulsion Of Gore” demo [Recorded 11/94]
Tracks 13-15: “Grotesque Putrefied Brains” demo [Recorded 4/93]
Tracks 16-21: “Excreting Innards” 7” [Recorded 5/92]
Tracks 22-27: “Dissecting The Caseated Omentum” demo [Recorded 1/92]
Track 1: Unreleased "Instruments Of Hell" outtake
Tracks 2-5: Unreleased "Cannibal Holocaust" 4-way split contribution
Tracks 6-8: Unreleased "Blood And Alcohol" outtakes
Track 9: Unreleased "Orchestrated Chaos" compilation outtake
Tracks 10-16: Live on the radio in 1997
Tracks 17-19: Unreleased "Cadaveric Splatter Platter" demo outtakes
Tracks 20-24: "Cadaveric Splatter Platter" demo
Track 25: "Accidental Homicide" double 7" compilation
Track 26: "Deterioration Of The Senses" compilation
Track 27: "Orchestrated Chaos" compilation (DOES NOT ACTUALLY APPEAR ON THIS RELEASE!)
Track 28: Pure idiocy - Six Flags karaoke machine, 1996


level   (70/100)
골수팬이 아니면 사지 말자...돈쓴게 후회되는 엘범
level   (60/100)
마돈나 커버에 깜짝놀랬다.
level   (86/100)
Material Girl 커버 캐굿잡


Album titleTypeRelease dateRatingVotesReviews
preview Studio 91.9 100
preview Studio 93 50
preview Studio 81.7 30
preview Studio - 00
preview Studio 92 50
preview Studio 82 50
preview Studio 70 20
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