Trepalium - H.N.P. [Technical Death Metal]


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H.N.P. - General

Information Review Comment Discography
Trepalium - H.N.P. cover art

Trepalium - H.N.P. cover art

Band   Trepalium
Release date2012-06-08
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsSeason of Mist
Reviews : 0
Comments : 1

Total votes : 1
Rating : 95

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Submitted by 퀴트린 (2012-04-16)


H.N.P. - Information

Review Comment Discography
Track listing (Songs)
1.Heic Noenum Pax
2.Prescription of Crisis
3.S(l)ave the World
4.Order the Labyrinth
5.Insane Architect
6.Let the Clown Rise
7.(A) I Was (S)
8.The Worst F(r)iend
9.Raining Past
10.I'm Broken (Pantera Cover)
General Information Review

H.N.P. - Comment

Illogic88 (95/100) 2013-05-30 02:06    
Order the Labyrinth and Insane Architect are the best songs
General Information Review Comment

Trepalium - Discography

Album title Rank Type Release date Rating Votes Reviews Lyrics
Through the Absurd Studio 2004-09 - 0 0 0
Alchemik Clockwork of Disorder Studio 2006-02-21 90 1 0 0
XIII Studio 2009-02-09 90.5 2 0 0
H.N.P. Studio 2012-06-08 95 1 0 0
Trepalium Detailed Discography
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