Am I Blood - Existence of Trauma [Thrash Metal]


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Existence of Trauma - General

Information Review Comment Discography
Am I Blood - Existence of Trauma cover art

Am I Blood - Existence of Trauma cover art

Band   Am I Blood
AlbumExistence of Trauma
Release date2011-05-27
GenresThrash Metal
Running time38:43
Reviews : 0
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Total votes : 0
Rating : -

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Submitted by Big Boy (2010-10-26)

Last modified by Zyklus (2012-02-23)


Existence of Trauma - Information

Review Comment Discography

Line-up (members)

Janne Kerminen : Vocals
Mika Tanttu : Drums
Tomi Luoma : Guitar
Ilves: Guitar
Toni Grönroos : Bass
Track listing (Songs)
1.Are You Alive (4:12)
2.Devil of Your Head (3:35)
3.Follow Me on the Darkside (3:43)
4.Hangin' Till My Head Is Numb (3:48)
5.Innocence Turns to Hatred (4:02)
6.The Dawn Became Their Pride (4:17)
7.Tears of Your Agony (3:10)
8.Beyond the Shadows (intro) (0:40)
9.Shadows with the Colors (3:27)
10.Corruption and Waste (3:29)
11.Sin of Believer (4:20)
General Information Review Comment

Am I Blood - Discography

Album title Rank Type Release date Rating Votes Reviews Lyrics
Am I Blood Studio 1997 - 0 0 0
Agitation Studio 1998 - 0 0 0
Gone With You EP 2000 - 0 0 0
The Truth Inside the Dying Sun Studio 2001 - 0 0 0
Existence of Trauma Studio 2011-05-27 - 0 0 0
Am I Blood Detailed Discography
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